2000 Calorie Diet Plan

A moderately active adult (30-60 minutes of exercise thrice a week) needs about 15 calories per pound to maintain his or her weight. It is obvious that a less active person would need fewer calories and a more active person would need more. So, you should determine your daily calorie needs before opting for a 1500, 1800, or 2000 calorie weight loss diet. The recommended daily calorie intake for a moderately active adult female who weighs about 132 pounds is 2000 calories. The number of calories required varies according to the weight, daily physical activities, and overall health of the person. If you have diabetes, you should opt for a 2000 calorie diabetic diet after consulting your physician and dietitian. Given below are the various diet plans for this diet plan.

Following a low-calorie diet plan does not mean that you will have to eat dull and tasteless food. Today’s highly competitive food market offers top-quality, satisfying, healthy, and tasty substitutes for every food which is high in calories. In such diets you are supposed to include low-fat, no fat, sugar-free, and low-calorie food items. So, designing a low-calorie diet menu should not be difficult. You can also change the cooking methods to change the taste a bit. Body metabolism, age, gender, activity level, weight, and habits influence your dietary needs. A little bit of discipline and control is necessary if you want to lower your daily calorie intake. Maintaining the weight within normal limits is necessary if you want to lead a healthy and active life.

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