5 Holiday Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

Every year around this time, friends ask me what to give their marathon-running siblings or their Zumba-obsessed colleagues. While I’m certain they’d adore to accept a latest square of aptness apparatus or a few personal training sessions, those aren’t accurately budget-friendly options. So here are 5 astonishing (and affordable!) stocking stuffers for aptness buffs. If you’re looking to mislay weight in 2010, cruise adding some of these to your list.


This durable, proxy tattoo ($3; pacetat.com) has mile separate goals printed in a vast font, so runners can simply keep lane of their gait during races. Something usually a loyal cement pounder could love, a curtain in your life competence even pointer adult for additional races in 2010 to try to accommodate a splits printed on this tattoo.

Win detergent
This high-performance specialty antiseptic ($26; windetergent.com) promises to mislay stains and sweat, and modernise examination garments and keep them looking new, no matter how many miles you’ve logged. A washing product competence seem like a bizarre thought for a holiday gift, though any active chairman knows that his examination fabrics can simply turn stinky over time—and once they emanate of sweat, a smell is unfit to get out with normal laundering. The aptness fan on your list will appreciate we (and her treadmill neighbors will too!).

Goody StayPut headbands
These inexpensive headbands ($5; drugstore.com) are a ideal stay-put examination resolution for bangs and brief hairstyles. Plus, they demeanour neat adequate to wear while using errands after a gym session.

Revlon Luxury Paraffin Bath
Tired feet are simply forgotten—especially in a winter when we don’t have to unclothed your toes. A paraffin bath ($189; amazon.com) creates a ideal present for runners, walkers, hikers, and anyone else who frequently gives her feet a violence during exercise. And while a home feet diagnosis competence seem like a girlie gift, we pledge that a prohibited paraffin feet bath will make any man wish to take caring of his feet!


Naturia dry shampoo
A discerning and easy resolution for gals who strike a gym before work or during lunch hour—even Health‘s beauty editors swear by this dry shampoo. Simply mist Naturia dry shampoo ($12–$24; sephora.com) on your roots after a persperate event and brush through. You’ll have a work- or party-perfect character but removing your conduct wet. And a best part? Your companion won’t have to projection complicated shampoo bottles and styling products to a gym each day.

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