Aerobic Exercise Routines

The word ‘aerobic’ is defined as depending on free oxygen or air. In living organisms, it denotes the consumption of oxygen in the metabolic processes of the body. The physical activity which increases the intake of oxygen by the body with its energy-generating operations, is known as aerobic exercise.

There are numerous benefits of aerobic exercises. The most important one being that they increase oxygen and blood circulation in the body. They raise the metabolic rate and tone the muscles. Aerobic exercises are quite simple and fun drills that feel like play time. A pair of good quality shoes, a little space, and your favorite high-beat music sets you ready to perform these in the comfort of your home.

According to fitness experts, aerobic exercises should be performed at moderate levels in over an extended period. A typical aerobic exercise routine involves three phases, warming up, intensive movements, and cooling down. Here is a brief description of all the three stages of an aerobic exercise session.

Warm-up: Warming up is necessary before any strenuous activity as it stretches and loosens the body muscles. It prevents you from getting muscle cramps, muscle fatigue, and injuries caused by sudden movements. You can warm up your body in several ways such as walk for about three minutes, climb the stairs or just step-touch backward and forward. Many sportsmen prefer warming up by bending forward and touching the toes for a count of 20-30. You can do other simple things like moving your arms one by one in circular motion, jumping for about five minutes,etc. You are ready for the next period when you feel your body warm and loosened up.

Comprehensive Movements: The comprehensive phase should last for about thirty minutes. Put on your preferred fast beat music. Repeat the following movements to a count of six:

  • The first movement is, step with your left foot, bend and try to touch the ground with the toe of the right foot. Do it alternatively as well.
  • The second movement is to step your left foot, bend forward and touch the ground with the heel of your right foot. Do this movement alternatively.
  • Step your left foot and raise your right foot and do it alternatively.
  • Other aerobic movements involve moving four steps forward, backward and on the sides. Repeat this movement to a count of eight.
  • Raise your arms towards the ceiling and bring them back down. Repeat this movement for a count of ten.
  • Jump up and down for a few minutes.

All these movements increase your heartbeat, which itself raises the oxygen consumption. Physical activities such as swimming, rope-skipping, and cycling are other examples of aerobic exercises. When you have been sweating for about ten minutes, you are ready to start with the final phase of the routine.

Cooling-down: Put on some slow beat music. Raise your arms up and inhale. Bring the arms down and exhale. Repeat this movement for a count of five. You can also perform some of the warming-up movements. It would relax your muscles. With the cooling-down phase, the aerobic exercise session is accomplished. Drink a glass of water and hydrate yourself.

It is advisable to perform these exercises at home, early in the morning, as it is during this time that the body converts the stored fat to produce energy. This would enhance the fat burning and would help you lose weight fast. Aerobic exercises hardly require any equipment to perform. Working out with your favorite music is always fun and entertaining. Include this aerobic exercise routine in your daily schedule and enjoy a healthy life.

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