Arm Exercises for Men

Exercises that strengthen the arms can be of various types. Some are done without weights, some are done with free weights, while some can only be done with machines (incidentally, the latter is a bad idea). Some concentrate on the forearm, some concentrate on the biceps, some concentrate on the triceps, and some concentrate on the shoulders. These exercises should always be supplemented by a healthy, protein-rich diet, in order to maximize their benefits.

Bicep Exercises

Barbell Exercises: A variety of exercises can be performed with the help of barbells. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • Close Grip Barbell Curls: This exercise is performed in a standing position. The barbell should be gripped in such a manner that the hands are just a few inches apart from each other. It should be curled towards the chest while exhaling. A similar exercise, called ‘shoulder grip barbell curls, is performed with a shoulder-width distance between hands.
  • EZ Bar Curls: The EZ bar curls can be performed with a close grip, shoulder-width grip, or a wide grip. The spine should be kept neutral during this exercise, and the use of the lower back should be avoided. The shoulders need to be kept down and back. The weight should be curled towards the chest while exhaling, and then lowered to original position after a pause.
  • Reverse Curls with EZ Bar: These curls are similar to EZ bar curls, except that they are performed with the palms facing downwards. This requires more strength than the palms-up version.

Dumbbell Exercises:

  • Hammer Dumbbell Curls: It is an exercise in which dumbbells are held in both hands, and the palms face downwards. Both hands need to be lifted upwards and held in that position for a while before returning to the original position.
  • Standing Bicep Curls: These are similar to hammer curls, except for the fact that the palms face upwards in this one.

Cable Exercise: The major cable exercise that is beneficial for biceps is known as the ‘cable bicep curl’, and is performed with the help of a bar attached to the bottom of the cable machine. The bar should be held in such a way that the palms face upwards. It should be curled upwards, and then lowered slowly after a brief pause.

Tricep Exercises

Diamond Press Up: These are performed by first getting into the press up position, and then placing the hands in such a manner that the gap between the hands looks like a diamond. Touch the tips of the two index fingers and thumbs. The body should be lowered while keeping the back straight. It should then be pressed up. This action completes one cycle.

Standing Skull Crusher: In this exercise, a medicine ball is held above the head by both hands. The hands need to be lowered without changing the position of the elbows. The ball is again raised to the original position. This completes one cycle.

Many fitness experts, in fact, recommend choosing bodyweight exercises such as pushups, pullups, and dips for better arm strength. Find a knowledgeable trainer, and check out these as well.

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