Arm Exercises with Free Weights

There are many techniques for developing arm muscles. Most popular amongst these are, with free weights or with exercise machines. Of these, the former works much better at making you stronger, since it also strengthens the connecting tissues related to numerous muscles.

How to Exercise?

  • Decide on the weights before lifting them. Understand your limits and attach weights accordingly. This will help in performing the exercise comfortably and in the right manner.
  • Increase the weights gradually; this will stimulate optimal muscle development.
  • Before starting the actual exercise, learn the proper technique to do it. Less reps with the correct technique are much better than more reps with halfhearted technique.
  • While doing the exercises, see that your trainer stands besides you to guide and support you.
  • Do not be in a hurry while doing these exercises; always concentrate on deliberate and intense movements, if not necessarily slow.


  • Bicep Curls: Bicep curls with dumbbells and barbells are the among the most popular arm exercises. Attach the appropriate weights to the barbell, and stand erect. Lift the barbell slowly towards your chest, hold the position for a few seconds, and then bring it down slowly. If you are performing this exercise with dumbbells, you can hold the dumbbells in both the hands and start with either of them. 4 sets with 10-12 repetitions are enough. When this routine becomes too easy, increase the weight.
  • Hammer Curls: Stand erect and hold dumbbells in both hands, with your palms facing each other. Lift the dumbbells alternately till they are straight in front of you, and bring them down slowly. Perform 3-4 sets with 10-12 repetitions.


  • Triceps Dumbbell Extension: Stand erect with a dumbbell in your hands. Stretch your left hand straight upwards. Now, bring down the left hand slowly in an arc position, behind the head. Bring it down till your elbow bends at 90 degrees. Hold the position for some time. Raise the dumbbell to the original position slowly. Repeat with the right arm. 3-4 sets with 10 repetitions would suffice.
  • Triceps Barbell Extensions: Lie down on a flat bench on your back. Hold a barbell with proper weights attached to it. Have your trainer near your head to support the barbell. Stretch your hands upwards. Now, bring down the barbell in an arc position, behind the head, till the elbows are at 90 degrees. Hold the position for some time, and then raise the barbell slowly to the original position.


Wrist Curls With Dumbbells: Rest your elbows on a bench at a level slightly above your waist. Hold a dumbbell in your hands, with palm facing upwards. Using your wrist and forearms, lift the dumbbell without lifting your elbows, and then slowly bring it down.

I hope these exercises will prove useful to you in your bodybuilding endeavors.

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