Baby Food Diet

Baby food diet is the latest terminology for describing the “tiny sized, small meals” meant for babies, which are consumed by adults today. It is the latest fad in Hollywood. Instead of having one or two heavy meals, you can substitute it with smaller meals at frequent intervals. Baby foods are normally nutrient packed and purer. It’s gluten free and rich in vitamins. People are nowadays sticking to this plan to lose weight and maintain a healthy life. The following content will let you know the details.

For Weight Loss

Consuming baby food is more of a craze than reality. It is low in calories and is nutritious, and can form a part of your meal. This is a healthy alternative for meals rich in calories and can help you shed your extra fat. Cereals, grains paste, processed food, milk powder, wheat recipes, and fruits paste form the major portion of this plan. If you choose to include these meals, you are bound to lose weight. They have very low calories and are healthy.

For example, by eating a bowl of cereal for lunch or breakfast, you can cut down your calorie intake to 50%. A sandwich or burger with vegetables, butter, and mayo has 500 to 700 calories. A high fiber or protein rich meal will help you stay full till longer time. Make sure you do not skip your breakfast or lunch for regular metabolism.

For Adults

Adults can supplement their meals by taking three to four jars of baby food and eat during lunch and breakfast. A normal adult should have meals at least thrice a day. But when you replace your meals with this meal plan, the calorie content reduces. So what you can do is, start consuming two or three small jars of ravioli, barley, or wheat with carrots, sweet potatoes, applesauce, or smashed pineapple. All these items if taken together will have 200 to 300 calories.

After reading the above paragraphs, you must be wondering if it really works! The answer is, it does work to some extent, though not completely. However, it has some advantages and disadvantages too. The toddler’s diet can kill your hunger while keeping the calorie count low. Organic baby food, fruit sauce, and cereal pastes are good for adults. The jars are easy to store and easy to carry in your bags. The disadvantages are that, there are no medical guidelines for adults consuming this food. Sometimes, the recipe is bland without additional sugar, spices, or salt. It’s very unappealing for the taste buds of adults. The texture is dull, and there’s little or no chewing. Swallowing food despite having a set of good teeth sometimes makes no sense for adults.

The Verdict

The final answer is that this meal regimen cannot make up for all the nutritional requirement of adults. You can include it in your diet, but it’s better not to “exchange” it with your regular food. If you wanna lose weight, better try to cut down calories and exercise regularly, rather depending completely on such a diet. It’s sometimes very monotonous as well. The biggest advantage is that, it doesn’t cause any health hazard. Being low in sodium, it is good for people with high blood pressure. The only option that will work is, supplement it with at least one adult size meal everyday. Try banana paste, milk porridge, or pudding at breakfast. Have chicken, country vegetables, or other fish jar with some juice in lunch, and try liquid potato, chicken stew, or vegetable soup with a bowl of cereal for dinner. Apart from all these, drink 2 liters of water daily.

So what do you feel? Are you ready to live on this plan? Personally, I would recommend not to make it regular, just it as a part of your everyday meals. Your taste buds have matured and let them tickle with the varieties of adult food items. Only remember, low cals!

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