Biggest Loser Winner Ali Vincent on Her Struggles After Regaining 112 Lbs.: ‘I Feel Ashamed’

Biggest Loser Winner Ali Vincent on Her Struggles After Regaining 112 Lbs.: we Feel Ashamed

Ali Vincent made story as the first womanlike to win weight detriment foe show The Biggest Loser in 2008 after losing 112 lbs.—but in April, Vincent, 41, suggested that she had regained roughly all of the weight she had lost.

“I swore we would never be there again, be here again,” she posted on Facebook at a time. “I couldn’t suppose a day again that we would import over 200 lbs. we feel ashamed. we feel embarrassed. we feel overwhelmed. we feel like failure.”

Vincent recently suggested that she was a plant of a passionate assault while removing a massage, and believes most of her weight benefit came from traffic with a romantic fallout.

“I’ve realized, over a final year, as I’ve gained this weight, it was so most of my life slowed down, that a lot of things came adult that we only hadn’t dealt with,” she said.

Vincent announced that she was joining Weight Watchers to get her weight behind on track, though says she is still struggling with a romantic aspects of her weight benefit now.

The Biggest Loser gave me a event to trust in myself and we don’t know that we ever unequivocally did,” Vincent says on Monday’s part of T.D. Jakes. “Everybody wanted me to and we wanted to for them, and we had formula to infer it. But do we unequivocally merit to have all that we dream of? Do we merit to have this happiness?”

Vincent admits that it’s her past struggles that have been holding her behind from being her best self.

“I know that there’s things that we have to understanding with, and we know that it goes behind approach far, though afterwards we also know that I’m 41 years aged — when am we going to possess my possess stuff?” she says. “When can we only let go?”

To see some-more of Vincent’s romantic talk with T.D. Jakes, check your internal listings to balance into a full part on Monday. Also accessible on OWN during 6 p.m. EST/PST.


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