Building Huge Biceps – A Few Pointers

There was a time when big biceps and muscular arms were limited only to professional body builders and weightlifters. The average Joe was quite content with having a lean, almost skinny frame. One summer day, in the year 1985, a gentleman who goes by the name Arnold Schwarzenegger changed all of that in a matter of 90 minutes. The darker sex went into the movie theaters as lean, slim men, only for each one of them to emerge later as wannabe John Matrix. Schwarzenegger had commando‘ed his way into everyone’s veins and suddenly every person had a common New Year’s resolution of building bigger biceps.

Almost 25 years down the line, the bicep battalion is still going strong, and the craze for those big, bulging biceps only continues to get bigger with time. So, for all you wannabe Schwarzeneggers out there, here is a comprehensive guide on building huge biceps.

A Few Pointers to be Borne in Mind

These are some of the things that you should follow religiously as you go about your bicep building process.

Proper Workout
Most people are under the assumption that ‘barbells form biceps’. True, barbells and dumbbells do form an integral part of bodybuilding but only when the workout is a properly planned one. Randomly lifting any barbell and swinging it around casually will most likely get you injured rather than help you in any way. You should do proper research on standard bicep curls, inclined bicep curls, tricep curls, etc., before beginning to exercise. A wise thing to do would be to start slowly and then work your pace up gradually, over time. If you are a newcomer to weight training, you should start with a comfortable 5 pound dumbbell, and do 2 sets of 10 repetitions each. Once you reach a point where the 5 pound dumbbell does not test your strength, it is time to move on to a heavier weight. This is the principle you should always follow while increasing weights.

Adequate Rest
A common mistake which most people commit is that of overtraining. You should always bear in mind that the human body is not a machine. It needs adequate rest for the exercised muscles to regroup and grow. Overtraining, either accidentally or knowingly, never gives the desired results. In order to get fast and best results, you should ideally work out 3 times a week, on an alternate day basis.

Healthy Diet
This is quite often the most overlooked factor in the quest for building huge biceps. Just exercising, working out, and getting enough rest is not sufficient if you are serious about building bigger biceps. It needs to be combined with a wholesome and healthy diet as well. Following a diet that is rich in proteins and carbohydrates is of utmost importance. Proteins aid in muscle building, and carbohydrates generate energy which you desperately need during all those strenuous workout sessions.

Nutritional Supplements
It is always beneficial to supplement your drills with certain high nutrition foods and protein shakes. These are specially designed to provide additional nutrients in the form of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc., which help in boosting muscle growth and strength. However, there are different types of nutritional supplements available, with each type having been designed for a specific body type and metabolic rate. Therefore, you should always consult a dietician who can suggest the appropriate supplements depending on your individual body type.

In the end, remember that if you want to build big biceps, aim at working smart and not just hard. In case of an injury, never delay in seeking medical advice. Happy exercising!

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