Cardio Sculpt

In a cardio sculpt class, one is offered the combination of cardiovascular exercises and the muscle sculpting exercises. The class usually lasts for an hour, and consists of different formats of exercises that depend on the fitness coach. Many instructors will split the class in two halves. In the first half or the first 30 minutes, people have to do the cardiovascular exercises and in the next half, various weight-training exercises have to be performed. Some instructors follow an interval-type pattern of exercising, where cardio is mixed with weight-training exercises.

The class starts with warm up exercises that get your body ready for high intensity exercises. Warm up has stepping, lunging, stretching, reaching, and squeezing. Then, a series of isolation exercises are introduced, where one has to work the arms with some bicep curls and cardio sculpt the legs with exercises like squats and squeezes. Then, your shoulders get into action with cardio sculpt movements like upright rows and lateral raises. These are the exercises that are performed in such a class.


  • Cardio sculpting exercises help in losing weight and toning the body in a short amount of time, and thereby helping one create a new figure.
  • While performing the body sculpting and toning exercises, one can increase their muscle tone and look attractive.
  • Compared to other aerobic fitness program, one gets to see the results in a shorter period of time.
  • Cardio sculpt or body toning exercises help to slim down because they help to increase the body’s metabolism, which means while toning your body fat and putting on muscles you are adding more calorie burning power.
  • With a balanced diet and by regularly following the classes, one can lose weight healthily and effectively.
  • With age, bones become weaker, in such a case these classes can help to support and strengthen bones by resistance-training exercises.
  • Other benefits include increased energy levels, lowered risk of injury during any activity, improved stamina, and increased resistance to diseases.

Cardio Workout Exercise Program
The exercise program can start with a warm up session which consists of low-impact movements, that can be marching in place or stepping. It is important that you do a good warm up, to prevent any muscle soreness or injury due to the high-intensity exercises. Then, the cardio exercises like hustle, skip, laps, and sprint can be done in the classroom or gym. For strength training a medicine ball or one light weight of 5 or 10 pounds can be used.

The strength-training exercises can be 10-12 repetitions of squats, jacks, cross jacks, squat with chest press, sprint, side lunges, wood chops, and side wood chops. Exercises like walking lunge with twist, run of a lap, squat with overhead press, sets of push ups, side planks, and triceps dips are also introduced. After you are done with your workout, make sure you perform stretching exercises and techniques, focusing on stretching exercises of the particular muscle groups you worked on. Stretching exercises will help to improve flexibility and help in additional toning of the body.

Following the aforementioned exercises might prove beneficial not only to achieve the desired results, but also in maintaining one’s overall health.

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