Cardio Workouts Without Equipment

In the fast paced world, we are not able to spare time for a workout in the gym. Many times, the traveling time is a deterrent. At the same time, we do not want to invest in gym equipment like dumbbells, barbells, etc. for we are not sure that we would use them later as well. That is when cardio workouts without equipment come handy. These workouts are easy and can be done easily in the confines of our homes. Let’s read about cardio workouts at home without equipment.

Jumping Jacks
Although jumping jacks is a traditional exercise, it is nevertheless effective. The focus of this exercise is on the conditioning of the body and total body endurance. Here is how to perform this cardio workout without equipment. Start with your feet together in an upright position and keep your hands to your sides. Begin the jumping jacks by jumping up vertically, bring your hands to shoulder level and move the feet away from each other. You can try to bring your hands even above the head. Come back to the starting position and repeat the exercise for a certain timed period. While you do this exercise, make sure your core is tight and your movements are quick, at the same time controlled.

Cross-Country Skiing Imitated
This is a modified jumping jack. This is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, which involves total body movement and it is cross-country skiing imitated. Make sure you read the instructions on how to do them correctly, before you start with the exercise. Stand as though you were lunging with one foot in front of each other. The distance between two feet should be approximately 3 feet. If your left foot is in front, then your right arm should be in front or vice versa. Now start the movement by changing the feet and the arm, with right foot and left arm in front. The arm in front should go up in the air and the other arm should swing back up in the air. Keep repeating this in continuous motion for a certain period of time.

Jump Rope without Equipment
Do you remember your young days, when the jumping rope was your ally? Now that you are no more small and still want to exercise, you can imagine the rope and make do with it. Rope jumping is a very good aerobic exercise for conditioning, core and ankle stability and strength. Let’s see how do to do this cardio exercise. Stand up straight and maintain a distance of about 1 foot or little more between the feet. Remember how you would use the rope? In the same way, place your elbow at the waist and pretend to have a rope in your hand. Now starting jumping on your toes and swing your hands in a circular motion. Set a time for yourself as you do this wonderful exercise.

Lunge Jumps
Lunge jumps is a very effective compound exercise, which will help you to shape, tone and build your legs. Remember, all the sugar in the body is stored in the thighs. This exercise will help you to burn the sugar by targeting the exact problem area. Stand as though you were lunging with your right foot forward. You can choose to keep your hands interlocked behind your head or let them hang on the sides. I would advise you to keep your hands behind your head as it will provide you with the required stability. Lunge and jump up in the air, switch your leg and land in a position, this time with your left foot forward. Repeat this exercise for 20 to 30 times or you can even time your workout.

Lunge Walks
Like lunge jump, this is also a wonderful compound exercise. You can choose to hold bottles filled with water in your hands or keep your hands interlocked behind your head. Stand at the farthest end of the room and step forward your right leg into a lunge. Lower your torso, so that your right thigh is parallel to the floor and left knee is a few inches away from the floor. Take care so that the knee of the right leg does not cross the toes. Slowly come up and step the left foot into a lunge. Continue to lunge to the end of the room and back.

All these cardio workouts can also be combined with toning exercises at home for better results. However, now make sure you do not make time and money as reasons for not exercising and being lazy. Happy exercising!

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