Easy Healthy Snacks

The most striking characteristic of an ideal snack, is that it has less number of calories and more nutritional supplements. This characteristic helps people in maintaining their weight and in controlling obesity.

Many students prefer having snacks in the afternoon, to increase their energy levels after a tiring day. There are many reasons for why children like snacks over other kinds of foods. The main reason is that snacks are very tasty and are good sources of carbohydrates, fats, sugar and sodium. The variety available in snacks is much more than that in other food items. Mothers too find making them easier and quicker. Many of them are also available in the market and are in ready to eat forms, which saves a lot of time involved in cooking.

The healthy snacks mentioned below, will always keep them fit and fine and this will have a good positive effect on their studies. Students who are fit have better concentration levels, stamina and enthusiasm, then those who fall ill due to the lack of a proper balanced diet. Kids with good fitness, also do well in sports and extra-curricular activities. Adults can work for long hours without getting bored or exhausted, if they consume these nutritious snacks.

Fruit Juice Popsicle

This is one of the best snacks for kids and is very easy to prepare. The first step while preparing the fruit juice popsicle, is to buy the containers or the popsicle makers from the market. Then, the second step is to fill them with the juice of fresh fruits. Then, the last and the most important step is to freeze them well. These fruit juice popsicles are very healthy for your kids and for the adults, especially women. Make the fruit juice popsicle in different colorful and attractive flavors. You can consider the idea of having this snack once everyday.

Oatmeal Cookies
Oatmeal cookies are good for your health because they contain high amounts of fibrous substances and grains. Decide on the quantity of sugar you want, if you are making these oatmeal cookies at home. For a change, you can use fries of imported chocolates on the cookies, which will give them a yummy taste. The last step is to put them in your microwave oven, for a stipulated time, and then serve them in fancy utensils.

Tasty Sandwiches
Sandwiches are also healthy snacks which can be bought ready-made from the market or can be prepared at home. You will need a big loaf of bread to make sandwiches for many people. Cut tomatoes and carrots and place them in between two bread pieces which have been cut in attractive triangular shapes. Apply cheese or butter for improving the taste of your sandwiches. Add sufficient quantity of salt and then serve the sandwiches in colored dishes of different shapes. You can eat your sandwiches with jam or sauce.

Some More

  • Fruits and cheese
  • Pudding with low-fat
  • Soy flour
  • Low calorie chocolates
  • Curried eggs
  • Peanut butter

You can enjoy eating these snacks, as and when you please. However, one should avoid excessive consumption of a particular kind of food, which may disturb the body cycle and our overall well-being.

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