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You know how there’s always, always that girl in your posse of friends who’s the thin one? The one who never ever puts on an inch? Like you’re sitting in a fast food joint and she’s gorging on that triple layered cheese burger and you’re gaining weight simply by looking at her relish it? Yeah. God has a good sense of humor. Wait a minute though, this is not exactly God’s doing (In the larger scheme of things it is..but I digress), there is a perfectly good explanation for that one. She, my friend, is someone who has an ectomorph body type. As simple as that. Didn’t get me? Look around you. Notice how everyone has a distinct body type? Some will have wider hips and a thin face, while others will seem to be bust heavy, tapering down to a slender lower body. These are all body types, and each of these has its own characteristic factors that make them what they are. Other than the ectomorph body type, there is the mesomorph and the endomorph body type. In this particular article though, we will concentrate on the ectomorph body type and the ectomorph diet that should be ideally followed.

What is an Ectomorph Body Type?

  • An ectomorph body will feature certain characteristic physical features. Those with an ectomorph body type are extremely lean and slender all over and will have a slender waist, thin ankles and wrists, a flat stomach and jutting collar bones and ribs.
  • They have a super fast metabolism and therefore whatever they consume is digested very fast.
  • Their bone structure is very light.
  • They cannot put on weight as easily in the form of fats and they often lose muscle weight as well.
  • In most cases, people with an ectomorph body type have a very light appetite.
  • They are more prone to developing diseases and infections because their immunity is quite low.
  • They have a very difficult time building muscles.

Planning the Diet

If you’re an ectomorph body type then you’ll know the really hard time that you have in putting on weight and building muscle. And how, even if you do manage to put on that weight, how quickly the weight can be lost. Barring the teasing, you’re thoroughly bored of the way your body behaves and you need to get on that excess mass. How will you do it, is the question. It is a difficult task, but definitely not an impossible one. Did you know that there are certain foods that you can eat for your body type? In this following section, we will look through an effective ectomorph diet to gain weight and retain it. Ready?

More Calories than Needed
The body burns off all the calories that you give it? Pack in more. This will give the body the signal that the fat has to be stored and not burned off. Try to add more calories than you burn and even though every body type will have a distinct way of burning calories, one should aim at including 500 – 800 calories more than what one normally consumes.

While a calorie-rich diet is recommended, the kind of calories that you pack in has to be carefully seen as well. Do not pack in zero value calories that come from junk and fast foods because they will not help to build mass. Instead, take in calories that are higher than the gram content of the food as well as those which have a dense nutrient content.

Concentrate on Nutrients
What are the kind of foods that should be consumed for natural impact? An ectomorph diet should consist of :

  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins

Concentrate on eating complex carbohydrates like brown rice, whole grains and yams. These are tougher to break and do not spike the insulin in the body which is responsible for the fast metabolism. Therefore they will be stored in the body for longer and will add to the weight and help in muscle building. Along with the carbs, one has to also start out on lean proteins, not only in the form of foods like fish, chicken and turkey but also protein powders and shakes. Other than that, including fats in your diet is absolutely necessary just as well. But not the unhealthy fats like saturated oils that spike the levels of cholesterol and block arteries, but the natural, good fats that are found readily in nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, omega 9 and omega 6. These can be found in foods like fish, avocados, and nuts.

Eat at Regular Intervals
Another important point that has to be kept in mind and followed stringently is that the body has to be constantly fed with food at regular intervals. This is because the super fast metabolism will burn off all the excess calories quicker than it does for other body types. It is therefore recommended that one eats meals that are high in calories and fat, every 2 – 3 hours. It is also required that you do not let the body settle into a routine, that is why it is important to keep changing the amount of food that you eat everyday. This will keep surprising the body about the kind and amount of food that will be eaten and it’ll take longer to digest the same.

Include Water
A very, very important factor that should not be ignored. Just as the kind and amount of food that you’re eating is important, keeping the body, especially the muscles, hydrated is equally important. If there is less water in the body, the system will start to extract the same from the varied muscles, which will lead to a loss of muscles and thereby bulk.

While concentrating on the right kind of diet is important, it is equally important that exercises be included in ones schedule as well. Without exercises, there can be no building of mass and fat. Both these factors go hand in hand and that is why there is a need to strike a proper balance.

Here’s hoping that this article has helped you understand the factors that guide an ectomorph diet and the ways in which one has to plan it for maximum effect. You go get that much deserved mass now. All the best.

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