Effective Diet Tips

A wholesome diet incorporates maximum amount of nutrients, which can help the body to carry out its functions smoothly. A diet which doesn’t provide nutrition cannot be healthy no matter how tasty it is. In fact, most of the tasty food items that one consumes these days are shallow in terms of nutrients. The diet that we follow should neither result into a body infested with diseases nor an undernourished, anemic one. The food that we consume should provide us with the required amount of energy and make us feel enthusiastic. Depriving the body of calories does not help in the long run. Fasting for a temporary period is okay, only if the body is strong enough to sustain it. There are many such facts related to diet which need to be understood.

Dietary Guidelines

The food we consume affects not only our body, but also the mind. Therefore, the careful selection of the foods that we are going to consume becomes necessary. A person who does not eat carefully is bound to be affected by various types of health problems. According to a popular saying, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. Here are some effective diet tips that could help.

  • A hefty breakfast triggers the metabolism action of our body for the day, and packs us with the energy to face the challenges of the day head on. One does not feel the depletion of energy with a breakfast under the belt, even if the lunch timing does vary a bit. This is because the effect of a heavy breakfast would last for a longer time.
  • It is advisable to avoid eating foods that contain high amount of sugar. The food items which contain a high proportion of sugars include chocolates, carbonated drinks, pastries, etc. Calories can be obtained from carbohydrate-rich foods and not necessarily the sugar-filled food products.
  • The foods (carbohydrates) with high glycemic index need to be avoided. These foods produce glucose by breaking down quickly. This glucose directly enters the bloodstream. Insulin is released in excess due to high sugar levels in the bloodstream; the rise in the level of insulin results in fat storage.
  • Drinking plenty of water is recommended for proper functioning of the body system. On an average, one should consume 2.5 liters of water everyday. For people who indulge in rigorous physical activities (sports persons), the water intake should be double of the aforementioned quantity.
  • It is recommended to have minimum amount of liquids during meals. This is because the acids that play an important role in the process of digestion, are diluted by the intake of high amounts of liquids.
  • It is necessary to refrain from emotional eating. A person can become habitual to emotional eating in times of depression, and in case of similar problems. This kind of eating habit could lead to an addictive behavior that is harmful for the health of our body.
  • Eating frozen fruits is a practice that many people follow in order to improve the process of metabolism. The logic behind consuming frozen fruit is that our body has to work harder to bring the food at a temperature for proper digestion. The metabolic rate gets increased in the process. Rise in the metabolic rate helps burn greater amount of fats.
  • Consume organic food as much as possible. These foods contain less amounts of preservatives (chemicals), which may have an adverse effect on the smooth functioning of our body systems.
  • Inclusion of fiber in our diet helps in cleansing the digestive system. Undigested food begins to rot if not removed from the intestinal tracts in a timely manner; accumulation of digestive waste (which is not disposed efficiently) is the cause of many health problems.

A balanced diet helps in satisfying most of the nutritional needs of our body. Most of the time, one follows diet plans without the proper know-how of our body system. Depriving the body of nutrition cannot be termed as ‘dieting’. Understanding the needs of the body with the proper guidance of a medical practitioner, clears most of the misconceptions or doubts about what a healthy diet is. Finally, it is the implementation of a strict and healthy routine of balanced diet that matters. The aforementioned diet tips if followed, might prove beneficial. A control on the food intake is necessary, which is why one should resist the temptation of overeating.

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