Energy Diet for Men

The excessively high demands and pressure on a person at work, home, etc., often takes a toll on one’s body. It’s highly frustrating when you know there’s so much more to do and your body won’t seem to co-operate. A healthy diet, exercise, and good night’s sleep are factors that conduce to adequate energy levels in the body. However, who couldn’t do with some more energy.

Extra energy is always welcome. There are certain foods that give you energy when consumed, as compared to other foods. Such foods are termed as energy-boosting foods. However, men and women have different high energy foods working for them. In this article, we will only look at energy-boosting foods for men. Following an energy diet plan comprising these energy elevating foods will prove beneficial. You will surely find a difference in your energy levels.

Best Energy Diet for Men

Foods can increase energy levels in three ways―by furnishing the body with sufficient calories, by injecting stimulants like caffeine into the body system, or by increasing the metabolic rate. Here are some super foods that conduce to increased energy levels in men.

Oatmeal is a combination of complex carbohydrates and fiber. On consumption, the oatmeal transforms into a longer lasting energy source inside the body, thus, taking longer time to digest. Moreover, the vitamin B present is also a great energy source provider. High level of fiber is a boon, because fiber is an energy stabilizer and slows digestion, thereby providing a steady supply of energy to the body throughout the day. Thus, oatmeal can be considered as a very important part of a healthy diet.

Loaded with lots of protein and fiber content, lentils furnish the body with a steady source of energy, since they are digested at a slower pace. Moreover, they also provide the body with ample amounts of B complex vitamins which play important roles in energy production. Drinking a warm bowl of lentil soup will help your energy levels to rise considerably.

Raw Oysters
Oysters, high in zinc content are popular aphrodisiacs. High zinc levels conduces to higher sperm count and increased testosterone production. Sucking on raw oysters increases one’s sexual appetite. Moreover, the hormone dopamine in oysters are also seen to increase libido.

This potassium-rich fruit is more filling than any other fruit. It’s natural sugar boost can give you enough energy for the day. Moreover, the bromelain enzyme present in them improves libido in men. The high potassium and vitamin B content are required for male hormone testosterone production. Thus, bananas are great natural energy boosters.

This dark green vegetable is rich in Indole-3-carbinol, a compound that causes estrogen levels in the body to dip, thereby being a wonderful libido booster in men. Higher estrogen levels in women turn them on, however, in men the reaction is the opposite.

Lean Meat
Lean meats are seen to keep the mind more alert and active throughout the day. It also increases one’s concentration power. Lean beef, turkey, lean pork, skinless chicken, etc., are great sources of protein, containing amino acid tyrosine, which helps the brain produce chemicals; norepinephrine and dopamine. These chemicals improve one’s mental functioning and concentration levels. The vitamin B12 levels in lean meat also help fight insomnia and depression.

Dehydration and fatigue are linked together, however, seldom this link is taken into consideration. One should drink ample amounts of water (Ten 8 ounce glasses) a day, because even slight dehydration levels can conduce to fatigue and plummeted energy levels. This is because without water, the body cannot produce energy. Water is the channel that makes it possible for the body to digest, absorb, and transport essential nutrients.

Tea, coffee, dark chocolate, etc., are also some other energy-boosting foods for men. However, besides consuming these food items, one should also remember that skipping breakfast is not a good idea. People who eat breakfast are seen to have higher energy levels all through the day. Moreover, consuming frequent meals in small proportions helps stabilize energy levels. Besides a diet, there also exists several energy drinks, energy diet pills, or supplements such as green tea extract, yerba mate, kola nut, etc., that give you temporary boosts of energy.

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