Fat-burning Exercises

An ideal fat-burning exercise is the one that works on maximum number of muscle groups in the body, and burns off a good amount of calories. Aerobic exercises are the most popular exercises in this category. When you are doing these exercises on a regular basis, your body starts releasing certain fat-burning enzymes that increase the rate of metabolism. The best part is that these enzymes continue to remain active even hours after exercising. As a result, you notice faster reduction of accumulated body fat.

Most Effective Fat-burning Exercises for Women

Women love to do some light exercises that are not too harsh on their body joints. Here are a few exercises that are suitable for women:

Walking: Those of you who are beginners should opt for walking exercise. In the initial few days, walk for a short distance with a slow pace. Later, as your body gets used to it, increase the speed as well as duration of walking gradually. This exercise can help you yield the best results, if you choose to walk on some sloppy surface like hills. You can opt for light jogging too. However, do not run as it could be a bit hard on your knees.

Body-weight Exercises: This is a form of strength training, that does not involve use of any equipment. These exercises target a particular body part, and help to strengthen and tone up the muscles of that area. Pushup is a simple body-weight exercise for the beginners. You can slightly modify the regular pushup by resting the toes as well as the knees on the floor. Front bridge exercise is another very effective form of body-weight exercise. While doing this, keep your abdominal muscles firm, and lie straight on the ground with your face down. The only point of contact with the ground are the forearms and the toes. Hold this position for 25 seconds, or as long as you feel comfortable. These exercises help to lose belly fat, and firm up your abs.

Dancing: Most women love to dance. For this reason, dancing is the favorite fat-burning exercise for them. You do not need any special training or guidance to perform this exercise. All you have to do is to turn on your favorite music. Enjoy its rhythm, and have a blast! At the end, it will burn off a large number of calories, and you will get a well-toned body shape.

Best Exercises that Burn Fat for Men

Men tend to focus more on strength training and building muscles. Therefore, in this section, we are discussing those fat-burning workouts that are mostly preferred by men.

Jogging: The biggest advantage of jogging is that it can be done anywhere. Running is helpful for burning fat mainly from the lower part of the body. Just make sure you are wearing proper running shoes to prevent your legs from any kind of injury.

Kickboxing: Usually, men hate to join the aerobic classes. Cardio kickboxing is a suitable alternative available for them. It works on almost all the major muscle groups present in upper and lower part of the body. Its moves like kicks, jabs, punches, etc. help in firming up of arm muscles, leg muscles, and abdominal muscles.

Exercising with Fitness Equipment: If you plan to do exercises at your home gym, then you can use treadmills, stair climbers, and elliptical exercise trainers for this purpose. Stair climbers are good for the lower body muscles, while elliptical machines can work on both upper and lower sections of the body. The biggest advantage of exercising indoors using these equipment is that, there is no chance that your fitness regime will get affected due to bad weather.

Fat-burning exercises can be done at any time of the day as per your convenience, but early morning is more preferable for exercising. Initially, you should workout for 3 days in a week. As your body becomes fit, start working out for 5 days a week. Continue with this exercise program consistently to obtain maximum benefits from it.

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