Female Bodybuilding Workouts

Women are no longer behind men in terms of building strength, muscles, or staying fit. This is evident from the fact that more and more women are hitting the gyms in recent times. Since the 1970s, there are competitive programs for selecting woman bodybuilders. A well-planned bodybuilding workout is highly recommended for women, not just for building muscles but also for proper and balanced functioning of the body. Considering this, one can seek advice from an exercise professional regarding effective types for the workouts, length of exercising, and the schedule of exercise.

The professional is the best reference person who would suggest correct workouts depending upon the age group of the female and body structure. For example, the workout schedule for women over 30 years of age may consist of simple exercises, like stair climbing, walking, and swimming along with other workout types. On the contrary, the workouts for female teenagers may include all sorts of exercises such as rock climbing, advanced cardiovascular exercises, and weight trainings.


These workouts are more or less similar to those recommended for men. Nevertheless, a slight difference is that men have naturally strong upper bodies, while women have strong legs. Also, females tend to carry more fat than men. It is due to a physiological difference where men have more testosterone hormone that helps in building muscles. Accordingly, the tips for female bodybuilding vary from that of men.

Cardiovascular Exercise
As already mentioned, women have weak upper bodies. Hence, the overall workout should include cardiovascular exercises for at least 30 minutes. Some preferable cardiovascular workouts for women include aerobics, bicycling, treadmill workouts, and swimming. Such exercises would also help in strengthening the heart muscles and burning fats. Cardio workouts in combination with circuit training can be performed early morning on an empty stomach.

Weight Training
Weight training is another effective tip for female muscle growth, especially in the hip and thigh portions. Since more fats are accumulated in these two specific areas, the correct weight training programs are essential for toning and losing fats in these portions. Muscle development is enhanced with increased weights. One can successively increase the load for a maximized bodybuilding workout.

Strength Training
In order to build muscles in the legs, squat is the best exercise that one can consider. It involves muscle movement of the back, shoulder and legs, hence helping in burning calories. Other leg exercises that one can practice include leg presses, calf raises, and hamstring curls. Bench press is best suited for building muscles in the chest portion. Other exercises for strengthening the chest area are dumbbell flyes, decline press, and incline bench press.

If one is a beginner, start with easy and light workouts in order to minimize muscle wears and tears. After 4-6 months, one can switch on to intermediate workout schedule. Advanced workouts are applicable to those who have been practicing bodybuilding workouts for over a year or more. In addition to effective workouts, it is to be borne in mind that nutrition, diet, and supplements also play an important role in bodybuilding.

A lot of patience and determination along with the correct guidance can help in achieving the desired body type. Consecutive three days exercising in a week minimizes and/or manages muscle tears. Also, proper warming up and warming down exercises are advisable to prevent injuries.

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