Good Nutrition Plan

If we take a glance across the Internet and several fitness books, many conflicting notions, fad diets, and routines may pop up, leaving us confused about what is included in a good nutrition plan. Many of us are unaware of what we are supposed to eat and whether what we eat every day is correct or not. However, a healthy diet includes the necessary nutrients required for the body to function properly, while keeping in check the calorie count. It should include enough fruits, vegetables, animal proteins, carbohydrates, etc.

Good Nutrition Diet Plans

If you want a good nutrition plan, then follow the diet of your region. A diet which is based upon our culture is the ideal one among all the nutrition and diet plans. The reason that makes a culture-oriented diet the best one is that it is simple, and the food intake is in accordance with the geographical factors of the region such as climate, which suits the body best. Apart from that, such a diet is inexpensive and is also quite easy and fulfilling. Coupled with a good volume of exercise such a nutritional plan will help you to put your diet cycle on track.

Nutrients, Proportion, Quantity, and Timing

The idea of following a culturally developed diet is highly beneficial. There are however, 4 integral aspects of following a diet, nutrition, proportion, total quantity, and timing. In short, a healthy eating plan should have all food nutrients in proportion and the volume of each nutritious meal should have a proper timing. The nutrients and portion of a balanced diet, also tend to change as per the seasons as the climate does significantly affect the dietary requirements of the diet. Here is a table that signifies all the 4 features of a nutritious plan.

Season Breakfast (7 am to 8 am) Lunch (noon) Dinner (7 pm to 9 pm) Must Haves
Summer hefty, less fat and protein, more fruits and vegetables, milk some meat, more vegetables, some proteins, water-based fruits light, less fats, some proteins, water water, carbohydrates, vitamins
Rainy season fat, protein, hot cooked breakfast, less oil content, less meat fat, protein, less oil content, less meat light, all nutrients in proportion all nutrients, less fat, more proteins
Autumn meat content and hefty, all nutrients with a dash of vitamins, milk large, lots of carbs and proteins, vegetables and fruits light but adequate with all nutrients in proportion and vitamins in generous volumes fats, protein, vitamins, and carbs
Winter meat content and hefty, all nutrients with a dash of vitamins, milk large, lots of carbs and proteins, vegetables and fruits light but adequate with all nutrients in proportion and vitamins in generous volumes fats which are small in amount and healthy, protein, vitamins, and carbs
Spring mild meat content, lots of vitamins, some carbs, milk some genuine meat content, vitamins light, fruits, vegetables, limited volume of meat, carbs carbs, proteins, some fats, and proteins

Good Nutrition Facts

Every nutrient has some or the other significance in the diet. Broadly, there are three categories of nutrition, namely the ones that are macro nutrients, energy building substances, and metabolism catalysts. The macro nutrients include fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. These components are required by everyone in the daily diet and should not vary. The second type of components include, energy providing and body building substances, namely, fats in small quantities, proteins, and carbohydrates. The third type which supports metabolism include, vitamins and minerals. An effective nutrition plan to lose weight lays emphasis on this class of nutrition.

The aforementioned table is applicable for an average adult. Hence, you should adjust your diet as per the requirement. Also, if you need to increase weight, then you may increase the energy giving and body building elements in the diet. Thus, increasing fat and protein intake and maintaining the intake of metabolism supporting nutrition is also a good choice. Similarly, to lose weight you may reduce the intake of energy giving and body building nutrients and increase the intake of metabolism supporting nutrients and start eating healthy food. Apart from this, a healthy workout routine may also enhance weight loss. Also, exercise is an important aspect for good health.

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