Green Tea Diet Plan

There are two basic methods that are used to burn fat and decrease the body weight. One of the most common method is to curb the intake of unwanted nutrients through ‘dieting’. When a person resorts to dieting, he/she basically reduces the intake of calories and unwanted nutrients that are consumed on a daily basis. This prevents the deposition of fats and unwanted carbohydrates in the body. The second method is to burn fat and unwanted calories in the body with the help of regular exercises. Some people also resort to the consumption of coconut oil in order to increase the metabolism of the body.

The nutrients in green tea enhance the fat burning process and also act as catalysts in many situations. The second merit of this tea is that it tends to reduce the human appetite up to a certain extent. This cuts down the intake of some of the unwanted fat which ultimately gets deposited in the body and is responsible for making a person obese in the long term.

There are several green tea diets that may be useful for the purpose of weight reduction. Some of these green tea diets include the extract, diet patch, diet pills, and even Chinese green tea. Following are a set of very easy and effective diet plans:

Plan # 1
This is the most simple and easy to implement diet plan in which you have to replace all the possible beverages with green tea. For example, instead of having a cup of coffee in the morning, have a cup of this tea.

Plan # 2
The consumption of alcohol is unhealthy if one is drinking on a daily basis. This is because alcohol itself contributes to a reasonable body weight and it also increases your appetite. Therefore, you need to substitute alcohol with green tea. Studies have shown that green tea detox is an excellent method to reduce the content of alcohol from the human body.

Plan # 3
The consumption of green tea drastically increases the rate of metabolism in the human body. However, it does not mean that you may consume fats in whatever quantities you wish. The best way to implement the third plan is to consume about 60% foods like whole grains, fruits, legumes, and vegetables. Proteins should constitute to about 15-25% of the diet while fats should only be about 15-25%. One must also try and have about 4-5 cups of this tea in a day, preferably before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There are several types of diet plans that involve the consumption of green tea. However, the best plan is to exercise regularly, eat at regular intervals, and drink proportionate amounts of this tea to successfully lose weight.

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