Gym Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

In today’s times, amidst busy schedule, one cannot spend hours in the gym for losing weight. Although a gym has a wide range of exercise machines, not all provide quick weight loss. Weightlifting routines are more beneficial to build muscles rather than losing weight. So, after going to a gym, one should concentrate on cardio workouts as they have high fat burning capability and subsequently help to lose weight fast. They are elaborated below:

Treadmill workouts have long been recommended to drop those unwanted pounds in less time. This is because running on a treadmill is a rigorous physical activity and that is why it works to reduce weight within a short span of time. Overweight people are often advised to run on a treadmill everyday for 25-30 minutes to lose body fat. With a treadmill, both the upper and the lower body are in motion, which helps to burn lot of calories.

In order to maximize fat loss, many people prefer to run on an inclined treadmill. Most treadmills available today allow the user to adjust the slope of the moving platform. Exercising on a tilted treadmill is challenging and can burn calories at a faster rate as compared to a horizontal treadmill. Also, you need to set the speed of the moving platform in such a way that it becomes a high intensity workout.

Rowing Machine
Rowing machine provides one of the best cardiovascular workouts to speed up weight loss. Exercising on this machine is like rowing a watercraft, which is not easy. The machine is designed to provide an overall body workout. Unlike other exercise machines, you don’t have to spend 45-50 minutes on a rowing machine. Just 20 minutes of rowing and your body turns into a fat burning machine. This happens because for the rest of the day, your body keeps on losing fat, thereby promoting weight loss.

Stationary Bike
Be it reducing belly fat quickly or toning up the leg muscles, you can certainly rely on this ‘easy to use’ machine. The basic stationary model targets the muscle group located in the lower body. So, in order to lose weight fast, a stationary workout session should last for approximately 35 minutes. Stationary bikes that comes with features like arm movement attachments give an opportunity to cycle as well as exercise arms.

Stair Steppers
As the name suggests, this machine simulates the action of climbing staircase. You can vary the resistance of stair stepper to make the workout and challenging. With a daily session of a stair stepper (25 minutes), you can maintain a healthy heart as well as reduce weight fast.

Keep in mind that before staring any exercise routine, a five-minute low intensity warm up routine is a must. This is essential to prevent any muscle damage during exercise. A point to note here is that in order to succeed in losing weight fast, you can choose any of these machines for your workout session but make sure that the exercise is performed at a high intensity. A combination of workouts that involves spending some time on each of these machines can also be very effective to drop those pounds fast.

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