Healthy Diet Snacks

It is said that the secret to a healthy diet is having a healthy snack that keeps you full, and controls binge eating. By eating some low-calorie food between meals, you can avoid feeling the need to hog during meal times.

A snack that keeps you full, gives your body the required nutrition, and does that without adding too many calories through unnecessary fat, is a healthy snack. So, high-fiber cereals, fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods fit the bill. You could also try something that has a high protein content, but does not add too many calories. Remember to lay off anything that is fried or high in sodium. Chips are not healthy snacks!

Healthy Snacks While on a Diet

Whole-grain Snacks: Simply put, if you eat a brown variant of something that is originally white, you’ve started eating healthy already. So, you can swap the white bread with the brown, and the white pasta with brown pasta. There are also special whole-grain pretzels and crackers that are both, tasty and healthy. Whole-grain foods have a high fiber content, and do not add unnecessary calories to the body. Other whole-grain food items could include, granola bars and high-fiber cereals. Oatmeal is a good option for snack-time eating as well.

Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables also offer the same advantages as whole-grain snacks. However, make sure you’re eating the right ones! What you need is, fruits and vegetables with a high fiber content. So, tailor-made to suit these demands are leafy vegetables, like, spinach and celery. Carrots are a good diet snack too! Fruits include oranges and apples (don’t remove the skin of apples, as it is the main fiber source). These, not only are low-calorie foods, but they also fulfill the requirement of essential minerals and vitamins of your body.

Nuts: Nuts are another great option for a healthy snack-time food. Nuts add a great deal of proteins to your body. However, you will have to be a little frugal while eating nuts, as they are also a big source of fat. Yet, they are acceptable, as they contain mono-saturated fats, which are considered lesser evil. Besides, a limited amount of fat is required by the body to fuel its daily activities. So, why not eat nuts! Nuts like almonds and chickpeas can be eaten, but in moderation.

Other Unclassified Foods: While other foods can be grouped into categories, these are the ones that couldn’t find a group. A list of other healthy foods, include, air-popped popcorn (with low sodium and no butter while popping), yogurt (made from low-fat milk), white meat fish, like, tuna and salmon (which are boiled/roasted), and chicken (again preferably boiled/roasted).

Remember, a healthy diet snack is one that optimizes calorie consumption. One gram of protein has lesser calories as compared to one gram of fat or carbohydrates. So, it is a good idea to substitute the fats with proteins. However, while you optimize this, you have to keep in mind that all the nutrients are required by the body for its daily processes. So, it is not advisable to go completely off fat or carbohydrates, and eat only proteins.

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