Healthy Fast Food Breakfast

In the busy routine and the hectic lifestyles, we hardly get time to pamper ourselves by eating healthy items for breakfast. Most of us hardly get any time to even have some healthy food in the morning. To this we find the best solution that is made available for us, fast food! Rather than trying out some healthy recipes at home, most of us prefer having breakfast in the nearest available fast food joint and relax for the rest of the day without knowing the effects of fast food in the long run.

Healthy Fast Food Breakfast
We all love fast food and as per the proven market studies, most people have fast food breakfast on a daily basis; which is quite justified to the condition that, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If we skip breakfast, we might have to make a greater compromise regarding health and overall well-being. Having breakfast which is low on calories and high on protein counts are the best choice that one can have because such food increases the metabolism rate as well as sudden food cravings that we have at any hour of the day.

The idea of having fast food breakfast sounds interesting as well as convenient as it takes less time to prepare. Is fast food good or bad? We have heard the answer to this, for at least a million times. Fast food is not healthy, it contains highest amount of calories, salts and sugars. Despite the fact, is it possible to have healthy fast food breakfast? The answer to this question is of course an affirmation. There are some options available in most fast food restaurants that you can veritably include in your diet.

Healthy Fast Food Breakfast Choices
Making healthy choices means finding fast food that is high on fibers and proteins and containing less saturated fats, sugar and salts. High fiber count is very important and can be consumed through some of the baked food items as well. One has to avoid fast food that is high on fat, sugar and salt. There are many fast food joints that offer relatively healthy breakfasts that can be consumed without worrying much about the calorie count and budget as well. The options are not too many but they are certainly available when consumed with a little bit of more concern regarding the fast food nutrition facts. Here is some help regarding most choices that you can make.

Food Item Calories Fats and (Saturated fats) Cholesterol Sodium Protein Fiber
Egg Muffin 300 calories 12 gm (5 gm saturated) 260 mg 820 mg 2 gm
Hotcakes 350 calories 9 gm (2 gm saturated) 20 mg 590 mg 3 gm
Ham Omelet Sandwich 290 calories 13 gm (4.5 gm saturated) 85 mg 870 mg 1 gm
French Toast Sticks (3 pieces) 240 calories 13 gm (2.5 saturated) 85 mg 260 mg 1 gm
French Toast Dips (5 pieces) 430 calories 18 gm (2.5 gm) 0 mg 530 mg 1 gm
Cheese Breakfast Sandwich 410 calories 18 gm (8 gm saturated) 190 mg 1010 mg 3 gm
Bluberry Bagel 330 calories 2.5 gm (0.5 saturated) 0 mg 600 mg 10 gm 2 gm
Honey Bran Raisin Muffin 480 calories 15 gm (2.5 gm saturated) 60 mg 480 mg 12 gm 5 gm
Fruit n’ Yogurt Parfait with Granola 160 calories 2 gm (1 gm saturated) 5 mg 85 mg 4 gm 1 gm
Fruit and Walnut Salad 210 calories 8 gm (1.5 saturated) 5 mg 60 mg 4 gm 2 gm
Spinach, Roasted Tomato, Feta, and Egg Wrap 240 calories 10 gm (3.5 saturated) 140 mg 730 mg 13 gm 7 gm
Skinny Latte 90 calories 0 gm (0 gm saturated) 5 mg 125 mg 17 gm 7 gm
“All Fruit” smoothie 210 calories 0-0.5 gm (0 gm saturated) 0 mg 5-20 mg 1-2 gm 4 gm
Egg and Cheese English Muffin Sandwich 280 calories 9 gm (4.5 gm saturated) 140 mg 1010 mg 15 mg 1 gm
Powdered Cake donut holes (4 pieces) 260 calories 15 gm (7 gm saturated) 10 mg 210 mg 3 gm 2 gm

In addition to consuming the above things, you should make sure that you have smaller meals rather than the super or jumbo sized plates. A healthy fast food breakfast will be perfect when you will have food items like smallest sized burgers, salads and grilled sandwiches, sauces and dressing that are low fat (you can also avoid them completely) and having more water instead of the soft drinks and coffee. Including more fruits, raw and green vegetables is a great diet plan that you should follow. You can try making some breakfast recipes at home and on your own.

Leading an active lifestyle, having a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and recreational activities is essential for a healthy body and a sound mind. Take care!

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