High Protein Snacks for Kids

Kids are super active and always up to something. Naturally, their energy requirement is also very high. They may not be getting all the minerals and other nutrients from their daily diet. The reason is that most kids crave for junk food and refuse to eat anything that has ‘green’ in it. Flustered parents often give in to their demands thinking that the child will at least eat something. However, this is a very wrong practice since, junk food not only deprives your child of essential nutrients but also makes him/her susceptible to several health issues. A good solution to this problem is to feed your child with snacks which are high in protein, low in carbs, and at the same time appealing to his/her taste and eyes.

Since, kids grow very rapidly, their body needs high proportions of proteins to ensure proper development. Thus, it is imperative to include the right foods in the diet of your child. However, if you give him/her a plain glass of milk, which is rich in proteins, your child is unlikely to even touch it. Hence, make some innovations. Incorporate protein rich foods into delicious snacks recipes, which your child will simply love to eat.

A single egg suffices the daily protein requirement of a 5 year old child. You can experiment with eggs to make them into delicious and healthy snacks. Hard boil a couple of eggs and cut them in funny pieces. Your child will simply adore it. Alternatively, you can also scramble an egg and then roll it in a flour tortilla.

Nuts and Seeds
Most nuts and seeds are high protein foods. Combine them with dry fruits for a yummy and nutritious snack. They are very convenient to eat, hence your child is unlikely to complain. Stuff the pockets of his/her jeans with a handful of nuts and seeds. This way, he/she can even munch them while playing or studying. However, avoid giving nuts and seeds to a toddler as they make cause choking.

Mini Sandwiches
Mini sandwiches made of tuna, chicken, or peanut butter are a great after school snack pack. Tuna is rich in protein and a tasty option as well. You can even make tuna salad, if your child has a taste for salads. You can disguise as many healthy foods as you want, just make sure to make it is presentable.

You can make your child eat anything, if you accompany it with a tasty dip. Hummus, made out of chickpeas is a great protein source and a delicious one as well. It is thick enough to be spread and therefore less messy to eat. You can also prepare your own ranch dip with low-fat plain yogurt and ranch seasonings.

Your child might not even look at a plain glass of milk; however, if you make it colorful and tasty, you’ll see it disappear in an instance. Use your child’s favorite fruits for preparing milkshakes. Strawberries and blueberries give vibrant colors to milkshakes. Your child will simply love to relish a glass of chilled milkshake after a day outdoors.

Soy Milk and Tofu
Soy milk and tofu are loaded with proteins. Think of the numerous ways you can incorporate these foods in your child’s diet. Add pieces of fruits in soy yogurt or make milkshake out of soy milk. You can find several easy-to-make recipes of these two ingredients.

Incorporating the above mentioned ingredients are a good way of ensuring that your child gets her protein requirement fulfilled. You can easily control what goes in the diet of your child, if you cleverly disguise healthy stuff in his/her food. All you need to do is add some healthy titbits here and there, and come up with some funny name for your recipe, and just don’t tell your child it’s healthy for him/her!

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