Hip Arthritis Exercises

Arthritis is basically a result of loss of cartilage in the body joints. Hip arthritis is the arthritis of the joint that connects the thigh bone and the socket of the pelvis bone. Injury to the hip, overweight, aging, genetics, etc., are some of the causes of this medical condition. The cartilage present between these two bones helps in easy and smooth movement of the joint when we move. The loss of this cartilage leads to arthritis in the hip.

Due to the loss of cartilage, these bones directly rub against each other and cause severe pain, tenderness, limitation of movement, and inflammation in the hips. Hip arthritis exercises help to reduce the pain and improve the movement in the hips. Here are some of the important exercises for arthritis of the hip.

Some Exercises

It is a big misconception that the affected people should prohibit themselves from any type of physical activity. In fact, remaining inactive can worsen the pain and discomfort. Being inactive leads to stiffness and weakness of the hips and hence, it is necessary to perform appropriate exercises that will help to treat the problem. Hip arthritis exercises are an important part of arthritis pain management. They help to reduce the pain in the hip joint, increase the flexibility of the joint, build strong muscles around the hip joint, increase the range of motion, and alleviate the stiffness and inflammation. Moreover, they also aid to maintain overall good health, lose weight, increase energy level, and reduce the risk of developing heart diseases and osteoporosis. It is recommended that you consult your physician before performing any of the exercises given below.

Back Kick: This is a hip-strengthening exercise that increases the mobility of the hip joint. To perform this exercise, stand in an upright position and hold on a counter to support your body weight. Now, raise your left leg backwards without bringing a bend in the knee. See that you do not arch your back while raising your leg. Repeat the same for the right leg.

Foot Roll: To perform this hip exercise, stand on your feet with your legs apart. Stand with a distance of one to two feet from a counter. Now, roll your feet such that your toes point inwards and outwards alternatively. The foot roll should be such that your complete leg rotates inside the hip joint.

Bent-Leg Raise: To perform this stretching exercise, lie down on your back and then slowly raise your left knee such that your left foot is close to your buttocks. Now, lift the left foot to touch your left knee to your chest. You can take the help of your hands to bring your knee to the chest. Hold this position for 5 seconds and slowly get back to the original position. Then, repeat the same for the right leg with 5 repetitions.

Leg Raise: Leg raise is one more hip-strengthening exercise. First, lie down on your back and keep your feet on the floor. Now, raise your left leg by tightening the muscles of the left thigh. Keep your right leg on the floor. Raise the left leg, one to two feet above the ground and hold this position for 10 seconds. Gently get back to the original position and repeat the exercise for right leg.

Water aerobics, swimming, walking, pilates exercise, etc., are some more useful exercises. It is recommended that you should avoid heavy exercises like running, jogging, and high-impact aerobic exercises. Do not put too much strain on the hips and see that you perform the exercises in a comfortable manner. It is always wise to consult a physician who can guide you with the exercise program for this medical condition.

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