Hip Flexibility Exercises

By doing hip exercises regularly, you develop mobility and range of motion in the hip joint. The hip joint is the region between your legs and the pelvis. You tend to strengthen the muscles around your hips. You are better able to move your legs relative to the pelvis and pelvis relative to your legs. In order to derive maximum benefits, you need not perform all flexibility stretches. Just choose a couple of them and perform regularly as described. Select 2-3 exercises from the sections given below, according to your personal preference. Perform them at least 5 days a week to get the expected result. Remember to perform a proper warm-up workout before starting the exercises, in order to avoid injuries and adverse effects on the body.

Exercise 1: Sit on the floor with your back straight and legs extended forward. Keep the legs joined together. In case you have short hamstrings, you won’t be able to sit erect in the given posture. If this is the case, then select some other hip workout described in the lower part of this article. Involve the front part of your thighs to keep the knees straight. Lean a bit forward from your hips. There is no need to reach your toes with hands; focus on bending from the hips. While you are in the suggested posture, try to maintain it for about 30 seconds. Take deep breaths and notice your stomach movements every time you exhale.

Exercise 2: Lie on your stomach on the floor. Keep your legs slightly apart and arms by your shoulders. Involve all the leg muscles, particularly the buttocks. Generate a gentle abdominal push and take a deep breath. Slowly, raise your head and shoulders with the help of the muscles at first, and then the arms. Make sure that you do not hang the upper part of your body between your arms. Rather try to engage the muscles located in your shoulders, so that you are able to keep the shoulders down and the body upwards and tall. Hold this posture for about 15-20 seconds. Come back to the original position in a controlled manner. It is known as the cobra pose.

Exercise 3: Lie down on your back on the floor. Bend your knees such that a 45 degree angle is formed at the knee. Put the feet a bit apart from each other. Raise your hips in the air. You can do it by squeezing the buttocks and involving the back muscles. Lift the hips as far as is comfortably possible for you. Also, squeeze as much as your body easily allows you to. Stay in this posture for about 40 seconds. You may repeat this workout 5-9 times. It is known as the modified bridge.

Exercise 4: Lie erect on your back on the floor. Keep the hands at the sides and feet close to each other. Take a deep breath, bend the knees and pull them towards your chest. This will help you lift the hip region and offer a good stretch to the joint. You may need to hold the legs with your hands, so that you can hold the given posture for about 20-30 seconds. When the given time is over, release your body slowly and exhale. Return to the starting posture in a controlled manner. You can do this exercise 7-9 times a day.

Exercise 5: There is an exercise called leg press. It works to bring your hips in shape. Position your body on the leg press machine while ensuring your comfort level. Place your feet up and palms on the grips at the side. Press your back against the support and keep the head straight. Maintain the given posture, lower the weight until a right angle is formed. Now, raise the weight with your heels. Return to the starting position. Do leg presses only if you find it easy and comfortable. Do not push yourself to do it, otherwise, you may end up with muscle cramps. In case you are an arthritis patient, you should take agreement from your doctor before performing leg press. It is generally considered safe, yet consultation with a medical professional is always advisable. If the doctor does not advice you to do leg press, ask him to suggest you some other exercises for your hips.

All the above given workouts are highly effective in increasing the flexibility of your hips. To obtain the maximum possible benefits from them, you need to perform them on a regular basis and in the correct manner. Exercise alone can never benefit you the desired way. You need to follow a healthy diet in addition to that, so that your body receives all the important nutrients in required amount.

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