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Rushing to the gym to try a rigorous workout can be difficult considering the time constraint one faces, due to work-related issues. So, how does one plan a daily workout routine, especially when joining a gym seems like an impossible thing? Well, it would come to you as a surprise, but you can lose weight faster by exercising even at home. Besides, one can even modify the routines to suit the schedule when at home. Yoga, cardiovascular, abdominal, fat burning, and aerobic exercises, include many types and forms that help for natural weight loss. The basics of these can be incorporated in a home exercise program for an effective weight loss. One can stay within the comfort of one’s own home, and feel the flab disappear with time.


  • Before you undertake any workout routine, it would always be advisable to consult your doctor, and know the areas you need to work on. This will help you to pick exercises that suit your body type.
  • Always start the exercise routine gradually. Work within your comfort levels, initially.
  • The workouts should be performed in a clean and hygienic surroundings. There should be ample circulation of air.
  • You can maintain a healthy diet as a supplement for your exercise program.
  • While exercising, maintain regular breathing.
  • Use control over the way you exercise; do not try to rush into completing the routine at a fast pace.

Workouts for Upper Body

# 1
You will need a chair for this exercise. Place your hands on the chair, with your back towards the chair. Your legs should be at a medium distance away from the body, and bent at knees. Slowly lower yourself; you will feel a pull in the upper area of the body. Push yourself up with the hands, back to the starting position. Repeat this action for about 10 times at the beginning. Once you get accustomed to the exercise routine, you can even keep your legs outstretched to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

# 2
These push-ups help the chest, shoulders, and arms. Face the ground by resting your weight on the hands and legs. Hands should be shoulder-width apart. Arms have to be fully extended, and feet have to be together. The knees should not be touching the ground. The body should be parallel to the floor. Now, start with the push-ups. Use your arms to push the body towards the floor and again back to the starting position. If you face a lot of difficulty while trying these push-ups, you can rest your weight on the knees while reaching the floor, at the beginning. In that case, you have to cross the legs at the ankles when you begin with the exercise routine. Begin with 8 push-ups till you feel confident about increasing the number.

# 3
Sit upright in a chair. Gently breathe out and suck your stomach in. Hold it for 2-3 seconds. Now, breathe in as you release the stomach. For effective results, do this around 8 times.

Workouts for Lower Body

# 1
Stand with a straight back, and feet hip-width apart. The toes should point straight in the front. The arms should be outstretched in front, as this helps to maintain balance. Slowly lower your body, so that the thighs are parallel to the floor. Remember to keep your back straight. Pause for a moment, and then raise yourself back to the starting position. Do this exercise 10 times for effective results.

# 2
Stand straight with your legs apart. Keep your head up and torso erect. Extend one leg to the side. The feet and the toes should point straight. Bend the knee of the extended leg keeping the torso upright. Slowly come back to the starting position. Now, repeat this lunge with the other leg. Do 10 repetitions on each leg.

# 3
Sit on a chair and keep your feet together. Now, place a cushion between your knees. Squeeze it as hard as you can for 3-4 seconds and relax. Repeat this exercise around 5 times. You can then change the cushion to a semi-inflated football to increase the difficulty level of the exercise.

# 4
Stand straight and lift one leg slowly. Repeat with other leg. Begin this exercise with 10 repetitions for each leg. Then increase the count, once you feel comfortable.

These exercises, if performed regularly over a period, will help you lose weight faster. Also, losing weight naturally should be your priority, and you can achieve the same with the help of such home workouts.

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