How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

Lower belly fat has become a common problem among people in today’s times. Fat can accumulate in the lower portion of the stomach due to sedentary lifestyle and faulty eating habits such as consuming large amount of high fat and sugary foods. However, getting rid of this fat is not an easy task. It is said that belly fat is the first to develop when weight is gained, and the last to go while weight is lost. Therefore, a lot of patience and determination is required to lose belly fat, and it can be achieved by a combination of a healthy diet and proper exercise regime.

In today’s times, consumption of foods like fast foods, processed foods, etc., has become very common. These foods contain saturated or trans fat which is actually bad fat. These fats go and settle down in the lower areas of your stomach. Therefore, if you want to reduce your lower belly fat, the first thing you need to do is, change your eating habits. Chart out a healthy diet plan that is not only nutritious, but also contains very less calories.

According to many experts, proteins are the main dietary requirement for a person who is trying to lose weight. It is said that eating protein-rich foods aid in burning the fat present in the body. People should learn to avoid or reduce the consumption of foods rich in sugar. Apart from sugar, it is also necessary to cut down on sodium by substituting salt with other salt options.

Eating fiber-rich foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meat, chicken, etc., fills up the stomach quickly, due to which the person does not eat more. Instead of having three heavy meals, you should opt for several smaller meals throughout the day.

It is also necessary to exercise regularly to cut down the fat accumulated on the lower stomach. An ideal workout routine should include 30-90 minutes of exercises for 4-5 days every week. Your exercise regime should concentrate on muscle building and strength training. Muscle building helps in burning the excess fat and strengthening the muscles on the lower tummy, giving you a toned and fit lower abs. Along with these exercises, you may also perform cardiovascular exercises. However, see to it that you schedule muscle training and cardio on alternate days. Performing crunches and double reverse crunches are also beneficial; however, they should be accompanied by regular cardio and muscle training. Along with these exercises, dancing, walking, swimming, yoga, biking, and jogging are also recommended to get a flat stomach.

Though it is quite difficult to lose lower belly fat, and it may take a long time to see the results, sticking to your diet and exercise regime regularly would ensure that you would be able to achieve those perfect lower abs.

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