How to Get Thinner Thighs in a Week

Thighs are always a big cause of concern for most of the women amongst us. Since they are one of the most prominent bunch of muscles, if they are disproportionate with the overall appearance of the body, it looks really odd and attracts a lot of negative attention as well. Not only that, this problem prevents us from wearing those figure-hugging dresses and tight jeans, let alone the hot pants and stunning shorts! So, how about making all this happen? To be frank, you can easily find out how to get thinner thighs in a week as well! No, no, I am not talking about any kind of miracle or magic pills that might gain you a lean build. But, with a well-planned routine and a proper combination of exercise and healthy diet, you can surely achieve this target.

Steps to be Followed

People spend millions of bucks just to find out how to get skinny thighs. But they lack on the basic things that they need to know, how to lose the fat in that area. There are three basic things, which form the answer to all your questions. These include having a balanced and healthy diet, increasing the activity level and the rate of metabolism, and lastly, to attack the target areas with the help of some workout drills that are really easy to perform!

Balance the Diet

Call it a weight loss diet or a fat loss diet, you need to find out how to get rid of the cellulite on that area. No matter how hard you practice exercises, if you keep consuming fats on a regular basis, then the picture will surely disappoint you. Hence, start from avoiding all the fatty foods, fast foods, and fried foods, and consume a high fiber diet instead. Also, consume small meals throughout the day, rather than 3 straight meals. Make sure that you don’t give your body to saturate or store the fats of any sorts, which means, giving 800 calories, when it needs 400 calories, is totally wrong.

Speed Up Metabolism

Once you consume the fats, then it gets extremely important to burn them so that they won’t get stored into the outer and inner thigh region of the body. For that, you need to indulge into progressive strength training or cardiovascular exercises. You can also opt for fat burning exercises, like aerobics. A few progressive changes in the level of these exercises are required. For instance, if you are doing cardio, then start with increasing the speed, distance, resistance, and frequency of exercising. While if you are doing the strength training, then increase the weights, sequence, and frequency of the exercise.

Target Troubled Areas

Any fat reduction needs a spot attention. Meaning, you need to concentrate on the troubled area and dedicate special cellulite removal exercises. If you are exercising three times a week, then make three sets of exercises and keep shuffling them. You will surely start feeling the difference during first week itself. For instance, Set I – leg press (wide stance), wall sit, and hamstring bridge; Set II – glute machine, leg curl, and leg extension; Set III would be – leg curl, stationary lunge, and squat. However, it is extremely important to keep shuffling with these exercises. This way, you will not get bored with the routine.

With the correct exercises, the right type of diet, and the right amount of motivation, you will surely learn how to get thinner thighs in a week. I am not stating that you will get perfectly-toned thighs dramatically, but you will surely keep progressing! All the best!

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