How to Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks

You have a date lined up with the most amazing guy on the block. You are totally up for it, and are already making plans to impress your date. You are all set, except for the fact that you are a bit on the wrong side of your weight. As in, according to you, you need to lose some extra pounds, and that too, quickly. In such a scenario, what do you do?

  1. First things first, cut down on junk food and high calorie food.
  2. Do not even think about it. Adhere to a proper, healthy, low calorie and low carb diet. If you follow this, consider yourself as getting lighter for sure.
  3. Focus on proteins, fiber, vitamins, and healthy fats, and you would be steering the course for a quick weight loss.
  4. Chalk out a diet plan on these lines, and don’t falter on account of craving for some cheese burger or chips or fries.
  5. Another important thing is not to gorge on too much of food twice or thrice a day. Eat light or rather less, but more times in the course of the day. That way, you would not accumulate the unnecessary fats and calories. This is because, when the digestive juices are most active, and you eat at that time, you get instant energy as the digestion process goes, well and the unwanted substances in the food are taken care of.
  6. In your meal plan, include as much green leafy vegetables as possible. In addition to this, also get into the habit of munching fruits.
  7. If you have a usual workout routine, then it’s fine, you would just have to beef up the workout. Otherwise, you have a slightly hard time ahead, as you would need to get into the habit of working out.
  8. Cardio and aerobics is the best way to burn calories and unhealthy fats. Once you do that, it will automatically lead to weight loss, and you would feel great. If you are a yoga freak, do yoga asanas, especially Suryanamaskars. Yoga is fantastic to be in good shape and pink of your health, otherwise too.
  9. Toxins can be really harmful for your body, and they also somewhat add those extra pounds to your body weight. Hence, detoxification is another effective thing to do. Have fiber shakes for breakfast. It is a sure shot way to detoxify your body.
  10. Drink loads of water, but not so much that it will knock out the electrolytes from your body!
  11. Get adequate sleep, and do not compromise on your rest just because you want to lose weight.

I guess by now you have got a fair idea of how to lose around 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Stick to your plan and be motivated. Lastly, whatever happens, do not let the fact of losing weight weigh heavily on your mind. Stress can backfire your plans.

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