Importance of Physical Activity for Children

The importance of physical activity for children is unparalleled. The years of infancy, adolescence, and early teens are the only ones with scope for building a good physique through interactive play and communication. The physiological and psychological aspects of exercise empower children to take on the stress of adulthood and work-related restrictions. Childhood obesity and excessive exposure to television and internet need to be addressed with urgency. The kind of steps taken by teens to lose weight fast and address teen obesity are not amusing. Early negligence towards establishing the right kind of activity results in mental and physical submission to stress later.

Physical activity refers to a simple exercise regime, play, and even leisure time indulgences, like gardening, biking, rock climbing, and rigorous volunteering. Supported by a well-balanced diet, physical exercise enables parents and guardians to reduce the likelihood of health complications setting in early. Kids who are overweight, suffer the risk of reduced life expectancy and quality. On the other hand, regular rigorous activity keeps heart disease, osteoporosis, and juvenile diabetes at bay. The great outdoors also assure mental well-being.

The common recommendations, with regards to physical activities, include:

  • At least an hour of dedicated outdoor interaction time;
  • Timely cessation of a sedentary lifestyle, to accommodate modifications to introduce more physical activity;
  • Adoption of a sustained exercise regime, like cycling, brisk walking, and swimming.

Exercise is a very important part of being healthy. In the case of children, nothing compares to family time at play to promote healthy interactions and spend quality time with each other. A good exercise regimen latched on too early, in the form of a leisure pursuit, is converted into health benefits for a lifetime. It is very essential to help the child to identify an activity that not only helps him/her to de-stress, but also adds to good old ‘fun-at-play’. There are a number of kids’ health activities that are designed for the whole family to indulge in and enjoy.

Physical activities are essential from the point of view of the various pollutants and lifestyle changes that have crept in across the globe. The result is that children are succumbing to a number of ailments and health issues that are more environment- and lifestyle-related. Professionals dedicated to the cause have come up with a number of activities that families could consider to ensure quality exercise and activity time for the children. You could consider special activity defined family vacations. These include hiking, camping, and ski vacations.

In the absence of the time or possibility for frequent family time on a holiday, children should be encouraged to run errands, use the stairs, and play outdoors more often. You could also invest in a good pedometer or initiate an after-dinner stroll in the neighborhood as a family ritual. The incentive of pocket money via raking leaves, shoveling snow, or washing the vehicles also helps a great deal. Some form of physical exercise should be incorporated, with or without it seeming as a deliberate move.

Various forms of physical routines help you as a parent to:

  • Control their weight;
  • Reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and various cancers;
  • Increase bone and muscle strength;
  • Improve mental health and longevity.

Physical activity compliments the dietary changes you usher in carefully to monitor weight and calorie intake. Interesting and fun aerobics and dance classes help a lot. The type of activity adopted needs to be in sync with the diet plan. As a parent, you should also periodically monitor the school’s program for physical education and consider a choice from amongst the list of hobbies.

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