Knee Exercises for Arthritis

The term arthritis basically means a condition that affects the joints, which can subsequently result in joint pain or even stiffness in that particular area of the body. It affects a person in many different ways. Seniors in particular, have to be aware of this condition. There are many medications available for its treatment, but expert specialists always stress the importance of exercise and maintaining a specific diet.


Exercise is basically important for the fitness of the whole body and mind. And studies have revealed that it does help people in many ways. In terms of people suffering from arthritis, it helps to reduce pain and the feeling of stiffness in joints. A regular regime that is planned for treatment helps to improve the flexibility of the body and improves the strength of the muscles. A proper routine when combined with a healthy diet, helps to improve the strength of a person from within.

There are three basic types of exercises that are suitable for the treatment of the condition in question. However, it is always better you consult an expert professional before trying out something new.

Aerobics – Aerobic training has shown many good results. Water aerobics is particularly useful.

Strengthening Exercises – It is devised to increase and improve the muscle strength of the body. Strong muscles are important for the joints in particular.

Range of Motion – They help to increase the flexibility of the body and also relieve the stiffness of joints.

Knee Exercises

In a seated position

Sit upright in a straight chair with both feet resting on the floor. Raise one knee so that the foot is raised around 4 inches from the floor. Hold this step for 10 seconds. Lower the leg, and repeat 5 times for both legs.

Bend the knee, and do this in a way so that the foot moves backwards and reaches beneath the chair. The toe will touch the floor. Hold this position for 10 seconds. And return to the starting position. Repeat the procedure with the other leg as well.

In a standing position

Stand straight, and raise the left foot from the ground. Bend the knee as high as you can, and then, lower the foot to the floor. Repeat the procedure with the other leg. This step can be repeated, and you can even ‘march’ slowly to keep steadiness to the routine.

Place both feet a little apart, and place your hands on hips. Bend your knees slightly, and straighten them. They should not bend to an angle, which is more than 90 degrees. Also, ensure you do not bend forward at the waist. Repeat this procedure around 10 times.

In sleeping position

Lie on a flat surface. Tighten the muscles on top of the thigh as tightly as you can. Then, pull your toes back, and push the back of the knee down to the floor. Now, you need to push out and up through the heel. Pull these back for 10 seconds, and try to tighten the muscles and relax for 5 seconds. Then, repeat it 10 times. Take a few seconds rest in between these steps.

Lie on the back and keep the legs straight out with a flat back. Slide one leg upwards, and bring the knee towards the chest. Then, slide the heel down. Repeat this set around 5 times.

With regular exercise, you will feel the positive effects on the body. Always discuss with your therapist about the regular routine options. Look for regular feedback to achieve the full benefits.

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