Leg Press Machine

A leg press machine is used to exercise and strengthen the leg muscles, and is useful to tone the thigh and calf muscles. Low intensity workouts on a leg press machine have therapeutic benefits for people suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. Athletes require lower body strength, and hence they use this machine to strengthen their leg muscles, and include it in their exercise routine for quadriceps. Leg strength is also important for proper posture and gait. The machine became immensely popular when Ronnie Coleman purportedly created a world record by leg pressing 2,300 lbs for eight repetitions.

The quadriceps and the calves are the most used muscles in our body, and they support our movement when we walk or jog, making them very important contributors to our range of motion. Leg workout also acts as a deterrent to joint pains, and conditions like arthritis. There are two types of leg press machines―the seated leg press, and the horizontal leg press.

Seated Leg Press Machine: On this machine you adjust the seat in such a way that your legs are at a 90 degree angle, with respect to the push platform. Adjust your legs on the push platform so that they are a shoulder-width apart. Put the seat rest in a recline position, so that you have the maximum back support when you push the weight horizontally away from the body. The technique is to keep your legs and knees in a straight line on the leg press exercise machine. It is important not to let your knees point outwards or inwards, and also keep them from locking. The range of motion on this machine, will allow you to push the weight, so that your legs are straight, and when the weights come back, your knees will bend, and almost touch your chest.

Horizontal Leg Press Machine: In this variant, you lie down on the bottom platform, keep your legs on the top platform, and push the weight up against gravity. The weights can be propped on a horizontal bar at the top of the machine, and it works in a sled-like motion. This machine benefits the quadriceps, and is good for exercising the gluteus medius. Here, you bear the weight of the plates, as the platform comes towards your chest, and then push the platform away from the body. The positioning of the legs is hip-width apart, and your knees should be straight when you you push the platform up, and also when you bring the legs down.


There are many benefits of using a leg press machine, either in a professional setting or at home. The machine allows an assisted range of motion, and hence the chances of injury are less, making it a good option for beginners and seniors. If you are interested in bodybuilding, this machine will allow you to lift heavy weights, and tone the muscles of the lower body parts. You can also add variations to your exercises by changing the position of your legs on the platform.

The leg press hack squat machine allows you to perform a multitude of exercises with one piece of equipment, as it has adjustable platforms. It can be used effectively at home, as well as in professional settings with space restrictions. The average weight is around 500 pounds, although some expensive variants are lighter.

Almost every leg press machine has three safety stops, and also has a backrest making it comparatively safer and easier to use than other fitness equipment. Always consult the appropriate expert before you start any kind of workout routine, and this advisory also goes for the leg press exercise.

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