Lose Weight in a Week With Exercise

Obesity has become a common problem these days. Busy lifestyle, increasing stress at work, and junk food, is all fattening people all around the globe. When the body weight reaches a peak value, people start realizing and thereby facing the many problems of being obese. Then you turn to those fad diets. However, it is not that people on a diet do not lose weight. You can lose weight when after you go through a rigorous diet plan, but that may not last long. After a few weeks, you start with your junk food habits and sedentary lifestyle with no physical activity. This is where many doctors recommend to lose weight with exercise. Exercising is the best way to get off that extra flab. Exercising tones the muscles in the body and helps in increasing the stamina.

Get Motivated
Now that you have decided to lose weight in a week, you must set some goal of your weight that you would like to see at the end of this week. However, set a realistic target. Maintain a diary in which you write your daily exercise and diet. Write down your target for the week in this diary. Also, mention your daily workout and foods consumed in the diary. This will help you keep a track of what things you eat and how much exercise is done everyday.

Cardio exercises are supposed to the best exercises to lose weight fast. However, before starting any exercise, perform some warm up exercises and then go for a rigorous workout. This will help avoid injuries. Start with moderate exercising to build up a particular fitness level. Cardiovascular exercises like cycling, swimming, aerobics exercise, rock climbing, running and jogging are the best. Jumping rope and rowing are also very good cardiovascular exercises. The main advantage is that it increases the heart rate within a few minutes. This helps to burn more and more calories. Aerobics is also an effective way to lose weight. In aerobics, you utilize all your body muscles and help in the fat burning process. To lose weight in a week, you have to do cardiovascular exercises everyday for a week. Another benefit of these exercises is that they help to increase the metabolism and you start losing weight. One of the best ways to lose weight in a week is to club two to three cardiovascular exercises together and perform them for 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the evening.

Stay Active
Apart from the workouts you do in the morning and in the evening, you must remain active throughout the day. Take the stairs and avoid elevators when you go to office. Park your car a mile away from your office and go walking. Try gardening or simply wash your car. This helps to burn extra calories and will help you to lose weight. If you are busy 5 days a week, you can plan some more physical activity over the weekends. Play some outdoor game like tennis or squash for an hour or so on the weekends.

Do all these exercises with full devotion and do not skip any of your exercises. Stay motivated, which will keep you away from boredom. Lastly, eat healthy foods. According to research, people who eat healthy food and exercise regularly can lose weight fast. Eat foods that speed up metabolism and avoid junk food. These were some of the tips to lose weight in a week with exercise. You will definitely see a significant change in your weight after a week with the above-stated schedule. Best of luck!

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