Lower Back Exercises With Weights

To get a well-balanced and well-developed body, muscles in the back must not be ignored. The upper back and the lower back require a variety of exercises in order to strengthen the muscles there. The lower back muscles are called the erector spinae, and there are many other muscle groups in the back as well that can be worked on. The erector spinae, or the lower back muscles, are two columns of muscles on either side of the spinal cord.

What Does the Erector Spinae Do?
Since these are the muscles that are on the lower sides of your back, you will feel them when you rotate your torso. These muscles aid in sideways and rotational movement. In reality, these muscles begin somewhere near the hip and run all the way till the skull. Therefore, any injuries sustained by the lower back while performing lower back exercises with dumbbells or lower back exercises with resistance bands, can be quite crippling in the long run. Conversely, lower back exercises also help to avoid any injuries to the erector spinae in the future.

You must remember though, using weights that are too heavy can be detrimental and painful. Thus, this should be strictly avoided. The density of weights that you are lifting must be carefully chosen. The importance of building up back muscles is undoubted. The “V” shape that most people desire can only be completed by toning and developing the back muscles. Performing the following lower back exercises with free weights will help in this regard.

Shoulder Shrugs
This is one of the best and most effective lower back exercises with dumbbells. You need to stand with your legs shoulder width apart, holding a dumbbell each in both your hands. Maintain a stiff posture and keep your back straight. Now lift your shoulders as high as possible, enacting a shrugging movement. This not only strengthens your lower back muscles, but your shoulder muscles as well. Repeat as many repetitions and sets as you find comfortable, but do not use excessively heavy weights.

You need to use a barbell in order to carry out this exercise properly. Lower yourself to pick up the barbell, but keep your lower back absolutely straight at all times. With your palms facing downwards, pick up the barbell and stand upright. Hold your position for a few seconds and then place the barbell down. This lower back exercise will be futile if your back is not kept straight. It is possible to use heavier weights for this lower back exercise, but do not use weights that will cause you to bend your back.

Bent Barbell Rows
The starting stance is very similar to that of deadlifts. Once you bend down and grab the barbell, you must keep your knees bent and also keep your back bent at a 45 degree angle to the ground. Now lift the barbell up to your stomach and repeat this action as many times as you like. Performing each repetition slowly and deliberately will have a greater effect on the development of your lower back muscles.

One-Arm Dumbbell Row
Every gym that you visit will teach you this exercise mandatorily in order to build your lower back muscles. This exercise also strengthens other muscles in the back, along with the biceps and the forearms. What you need to do is kneel on a flat surface, like an exercise bench, and place one knee on the bench and the other foot on the ground. Support your upper body by placing your hand on the edge of the exercise bench, and grab a dumbbell in the other hand. Pull the dumbbell towards you and repeat the exercise for the other side.

Along with these, there are plenty of other lower back exercises without weights or with an exercise ball that you can perform as well. Getting a well-developed and well-toned back improves the posture and provides an overall muscular look and shape to the body.

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