Neck Skin Tightening Exercises

No one likes to have loose skin on their body, let alone their neck. No one wants to be known by the double chin that they have, or the lines and folds beneath their chin. However, sometimes, it is an unavoidable circumstance. Rapid weight loss, surgery, aging or obesity can lead to the neck skin becoming extremely loose, and inelastic. The skin looks old and becomes extremely soft. In such cases, you do have the option of getting surgery or applying lotions and creams to help the neck skin become firm and tight. Or you can also indulge in some neck skin tightening exercises, which will work in tandem with the other treatments that you’re undergoing, to tighten your loose neck skin. This Buzzle article will list some of these simple exercises for you.

Chin to Chest: This first exercise can be done by you as the first thing in the morning. Once you wake up, place your head, facing the ceiling, on the side of the bed (your head should not have a support). Now, slowly, open your mouth wide and lift your head up and try to touch your chin to your chest. Once you’ve lifted your head, hold that position for about 10 counts, then slowly, take your head back to its original position. Repeat this exercise as many times as you are comfortable doing it. Start slowly and proceed to about 10 to 12 times every morning.

Lift the Lip: You can maybe do this exercise when you’re in the shower or shopping or anywhere at all. It’s the most common and the simplest exercise to tighten the loose skin on your neck. Stretch your lower lip and completely cover your upper lip with it. Hold the position for about 7 counts, then release your lips. Wait for about 7 counts before you repeat the exercise. Do it about 12 times at a stretch, at least 4 times a day to help your neck skin get tight and firm.

Look Up and Down: This next exercise, you can perform, perhaps at your desk when at work. Lean back on your chair, and turn your head upwards to face the ceiling. When you reach this position, press your tongue firmly to the roof of your mouth. Hold this position until you feel your neck muscles tightening. When you do, lower your chin once and then lift it again. Repeat this about 5 times, then relax for about 10 counts before resuming. You can do this exercise as many times as you want.

Jut the Chin Out: Sit straight on a chair and place your hands on your thighs. Now, keep your back and shoulders rigid, and slowly push your chin towards the front. When you feel the strain on your neck muscles, stop in the position for about 12 counts and then slowly get back to your initial position. You can begin doing this exercise about 5 times at a stretch, twice a day, and gradually increase the number and the frequency.

These were some really simple neck skin tightening exercises that can be done simultaneously with any other activity that you may be performing. They will help you tighten your neck skin, even without resorting to extreme measures like surgery. Plus, they are great anti-aging exercises too. So, perform these exercises regularly and keep your neck skin from sagging loose, to prevent the turkey wattle effect.

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