Proper Dieting Techniques

Seldom do people understand the actual meaning of proper dieting. Dieting does not mean that you should starve and keep yourself from eating all the foods that you really like to. A balanced diet will make you look younger and fitter and will also keep your body healthy and in good shape. Here are some Dos and Don’ts that you should keep in mind before following any diet. Also remember that everyone has a different body type, due to which different techniques work for different people. Due to this reason, always consult a doctor or a nutrition before drafting a proper healthy diet schedule. These techniques will not only help you diet in a healthy manner, but will also tell you which dieting technique to adopt and which one to not opt for.

Proper Dieting Tips and Techniques


  • Motivate Yourself: The first thing you need to do is to motivate yourself regularly. If not, you may plan a lot but never really get down to following a technique.
  • Use Alternatives: Instead of pizzas, go for subs, consume whole wheat bread as the fiber in this will kill your appetite faster, consume herbal tea, etc. Substitutes will make it easier for you to follow a proper diet.
  • Consume Lots of Water: Water helps in many ways. If consumed before the meal, it will reduce your appetite and keep you full most of the time.
  • Hello Proteins and Carbs!:Reduce your intake of fats and fill yourself up with more proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins are the next most important thing to water. Plan a low protein diet for better effects.
  • Regular Meals: Instead of stuffing yourself every meal, try eating a meal after every two and half hours. This will keep you filled throughout the day and you’ll eat less with very meal.
  • Exercise: How much ever you diet, nothing is going to make a difference unless you exercise. Your body needs exercise everyday. It doesn’t have to be a heavy workout but at least a jog or some yoga.
  • Be Active: Eating less and not being active is going to reduce your metabolism rate which won’t make any difference. Exercising too won’t really help if you laze around the whole day after that. Be active and keep moving as much as you can.
  • Know More: Try knowing as much as you can about diet techniques. Talk to your doctor, your friends, relatives, and find out different ways of doing something. Don’t follow something blindly having only half the knowledge.
  • Consult the Doctor/Nutritionist Often: Never forget to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before starting to follow a particular diet technique. They know your body better than you do and will tell you things that you should avoid to remain healthy.
  • Protein Breakfast: Always have a breakfast that is rich in protein. It not only keeps you strong but also helps in providing other body requirements. Always follow a high protein diet.


  • Don’t Drink Alcohol: Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories which do nothing but turn into fat. Try avoiding alcohol and if possible give it up completely.
  • Don’t Starve Yourself: A proper diet technique will never make you starve yourself. If you stop eating completely, you’re going to end up weakened and less immune to all illnesses.
  • Don’t Eat Before Sleeping: During the night, the body uses less energy to digest the food as metabolism is the lowest then. In this case, the food that is digested gets turned into fat and not energy.
  • Don’t Overdo It: Don’t go to extremes with any of the dieting techniques that you decide to follow. A proper diet technique needs to be followed with the required amounts, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Don’t Consume Excess Fats: Check for foods that have excess fats and avoid them. They add to unnecessary calories and the technique stops functioning as it actually should.
  • Don’t Trust Kilos, Trust Inches: Don’t check your weight on the weighing scale as it may show no difference since you may also increase muscle. Instead, check for inch loss.
  • Don’t Change Techniques Often: When you adopt a certain technique and follow it for sometime, your body starts getting used to it. If you keep on changing them often, your body is going to fluctuate accordingly and this might prove to be dangerous.
  • Don’t Compromise on Health: Do not compromise on your health and adopt techniques that might promise fast results but do your health and body some harm.
  • Don’t Get Tempted: Good food and slow results might tempt you to cheat once in a while, but don’t. Work on your will power and have patience.
  • Don’t Give Up! Every good technique takes some time to show its effects. Be patient and continue following the pattern you need to.

Keep these proper dieting techniques and diet plans in mind, whenever you plan to start a new diet, or if you are already following one. A proper diet is essential to have a healthy body provided you don’t follow it to extremes and keep starving yourself. This will result in many unwanted changes in your body such as loss of energy, dark circles, weakness and reduction in immunity. Make sure you consult someone every time you decide to follow a diet. Hope these techniques help you choose the perfect way to diet and answer your question of how to do proper dieting. Keep it healthy!

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