Running Tips for Beginners

It is never too late to start any kind of physical activity to keep you fit, but if you have rediscovered your capability for running then certain precautions are necessary. It has been seen that many enthusiastic runners start it but leave soon enough because they do not follow some simple and easy tips. It is a great cardiovascular activity that makes the heart stronger. Some of its benefits are given below:

  • Good stretching exercise for the whole body
  • Better supply and circulation of oxygen in the body
  • Better blood circulation
  • Great stress buster

If one has started running recently, then they must remember certain things so as not to be deterred from pursuing the activity. The most important thing to keep in mind is to not jump up and start running long distances. The key here is to start slow and steady. A beginner must start running short distances and then go on increasing as one gets used to it. Let the body adjust to the new activity otherwise one may experience pain and cramps in the body which will prevent him/her from continuing.

The second and most useful tip for those who want to start running is to have a good pair of shoes that will help you in protecting your feet from getting injured. The shoes must be close fitting, and the clothes and socks used must be those designed specially for running. It is important to keep yourself hydrated as the level of water in the body decreases when one is running. Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, especially in hot weather. It is vital not to overstretch one’s capacity.

The basic health tip is to drink plenty of water. Use a powdered sports drink rather than a premixed one. If you are planning to run for a longer distance then eating an hour before, is the best way to keep the body sufficiently energized. In order to prevent the skin from rashes due to excessive sweating or rubbing of skin one can use Vaseline or other such creams. If there is any injury while running one should apply ice immediately for relief and minimizing injury.

Staying Motivated
Staying motivated is the key to keep yourself focused and continue with the running exercise. Setting goals will help keep you focused to achieve it. A partner in running can as well be a source of motivation for the beginner because it becomes hard for the runner to avoid any running exercise when the partner is ready to go.

Reading and discussing things with friends helps in good motivation for the beginner. Even if the weight doesn’t come down immediately, always remember that patience and dedication always pay off in the long run.

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