Shoulder Therapy Exercises

People as young as 25 are experiencing shoulder pain these days. This pain is caused due to the sedentary lifestyle, which is followed. Most of the people spend long hours working on the computers. The other reason is wear and tear caused by daily routine activities. Early diagnosis of the problem helps in treating it and also an early recovery from the condition. Here are some exercises for shoulder therapy, that might prove beneficial.

The shoulder strengthening exercises should aim at improving the range of mobility of the shoulder joints. There are a number of exercises, which can also be a part of frozen shoulder therapy exercises. The physiotherapists normally evaluate the condition before they prescribe these shoulder injury exercises.

This exercise will relax the muscle in the shoulder, relieve pain, and also increase the range of motion. Lie on the stomach at the edge of a bed. Let the arm (preferably the weak arm) hang over the edge. Relax your shoulder, arm and hand, and gently swing your arm forward and backward. Make sure you are not using your neck muscles, when you do this exercise. You can start off with 15 seconds and then gradually increase the time of swinging of the arm. Repeat the same for the other arm as well.

This exercise helps to relax the shoulder muscles as well. Take a chair as a prop. Let the weak arm hang and hold the chair with the strong arm. Keeping your shoulders relaxed, use body motion to swing your arm clockwise in small circles. You might have to bend a little as you do this exercise. Come back to the starting position and then repeat the same anti-clockwise as well.

Sleep on your stomach at the edge of the bed and keep the weak arm hanging out of the bed. Hold a dumbbell in the weak hand and slowly start to bend your elbow to make a 90 degrees angle with your elbow. Once the hand comes to the shoulder level stop and hold in the position for a small bit and return to the starting position. You will need to repeat this exercise till your arm is tired. Once you are done with one hand repeat the same with the other hand as well.

This is an exercise for a dislocated shoulder. Stand upright and let your arms be on your sides. Then, slowly bend the elbow of the dislocated shoulder to make a 90 degree angle. Rotate the arm and shoulder inward towards the chest to make an ‘L’ shape with the hand. You may have to use the other arm to move the hand, as this dislocated arm may be too weak to move properly. Then, slowly start to turn the arm away from the body. With this you will form an ‘L’ shape (outside the body). Moving the hand outward can be a painful, however, you will have to do it nevertheless. You will have to keep repeating this exercise, till you experience no pain in the region.

This is believed to be one of the wonderful frozen shoulder exercises. To do it, stand upright, and place one arm across the body and make sure it is parallel to the ground. Now, slowly start pulling the elbow towards your body with the other hand. Hold in this stretch for 20 seconds and repeat the same 4 to 5 times.

This exercise is a stress buster for the shoulders. To do it, stand upright and clasp hold of your hands behind your back. Keep the arms straight and slowly start lifting your hands upwards. If you have tight shoulders you will not be able to lift the hands up, but do hold the stretch for about 20 seconds and then release to repeat the stretch again 3 times.

Before starting off with these therapy exercises, consult your health care professional. If while doing the exercises, you experience immense amount of shoulder pain, you should not continue to do them. Talk to your health care professional, so that he will be able to find out the exact cause of the problem.

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