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In an attempt to lose extra body fat and achieve a toned body, many people resort to various types of cardiovascular exercises that aim to provide a total body workout in relatively less time. While running, walking, swimming, and biking are very simple and cost-effective exercises, they may not always be ideal options especially when the weather outside is not suitable for workouts. In an era, where nearly everyone is bound to their desks for work, fitness equipment have been designed to meet the requirements of people and provide them holistic workouts. Similar to treadmills, ski machines help to achieve a good workout covering all aspects of fitness.

What is it?
A ski machine simulates skiing up and down ice grounds. The procedure of doing this exercise is similar to that of skiing. There are two types of this equipment: the first one is popularly known as a cross-country machine that is made simulate to the difficult technique of cross-country skiing that utilizes various motions of the body; the second one is designed keeping in mind downhill skiing with side-to-side motions.

Construction of the Equipment
Its basic designing is similar to the design of ski pads and skis. Here, instead of skis, the machine uses long ski-like boards that are called foot pedals. The pedals move on rollers that are either dependent or independent of the leg motion. In the dependent variety, the foot pedals are linked, and so when one leg is moved on the pedal, the other leg slides automatically. This provides a very low intensity workout that is good for beginners. In the independent type, you will have to apply more energy as the pedals are not linked. This forms a more intense workout plan. There is a rope and pulley system provided for the movement of the arms, and they are similar to the poles of the real sport.

Using this equipment provides a complete body workout and it gives the opportunity to work on specific body parts. For example, the poling motion facility helps to build the upper muscles, while the motion of legs builds the leg and abdominal muscles. Combined together, all these motions help for an effective cardio workout.

While buying this equipment, ensure that there is a considerable warranty on it, and that it has the latest facilities. Always go for a machine that has a digital display for the number of calories burned, pulse rate, and other health indicators. Keep the transaction receipts and buying details so that you will not have a problem if you need to return the equipment or get it repaired if any problem arises. This machine has various benefits, and once you are used to it, you will surely enjoy your daily workouts.

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