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Step aerobics is a highly popular form of aerobics, performed by a number of people. This offers ultimate cardio workout and helps tone your entire body. What’s more, you just need a small area and a few exercise equipment that are enough for performing this workout. Also, this workout is full of fun. This exercise also ensures that your joints are not stressed as they are, while running of jogging. Though the ‘stepper’ used in this exercise has a lot of alternatives like wood block or low stool, it is best to invest in a quality platform that will limit any chances of injury. If you are wondering about the step aerobics equipment needed to start performing this at home, then here’s more about the same.

Equipment and Accessories Required

Here’s a list of major and minor equipment that you will require for performing the workout. Believe me, each of this plays an important role in helping you execute the steps perfectly.

You can start with the simple 4-inch step which is the perfect for beginners. As you go on increasing the workout, you’ll be raising the step height. You can go for an adjustable stepper available in the market that offers height and angle adjustment. These are a bit expensive than the ones with fixed height. The one with adjustment is useful to accommodate different skill levels and intensities of the exercise. As you become experienced, you’ll perform high impact aerobics to build more endurance and flexibility.

You can also check out the stackable steps that can be easily stacked over each other reducing the storage space. You can consider opting for separate risers. This equipment can be used to add height to the basic stepper. Each riser has a height of 2 inches. Also, make sure that you get a bench that has a non-slip surface. Some also come with rounded edges to avoid chances of injury.

If you are purchasing a number of steps or risers for a group workout, you can also have a step storage cart that offers systematic storage without occupying much space. A steeper mat is a great addition for protecting floor or carpet, from damaged caused due to placement of stepper over it. You can look for various varieties and brands of step aerobic benches and then pick the best. Check out the best deals online and sports stores to find out cheapest equipment.

Hand Weights
Along with the step, the next equipment you need while performing the exercises is a set of dumbbells. These add weight to the workout and tone your arms. Though these will not be used throughout the exercise, you’ll be using these for specific steps. Dumbbells are inexpensive and so you can have a range of dumbbell weights, lighter and heavier ones as per your requirement. As a beginner it is best to use lighter weights. As you progress and your strength improves, you can opt for the heavier ones.

While you workout at home, it’s fun to experiment with various types of music. There are special aerobics DVDs available in the market which you can opt for. You can select from beginners, intermediate or advance level that will have different types of music. You will have to do a little experimentation with these to find the DVD having best workout songs. Remember that music plays an important role in the entire workout.

Along with the aforementioned equipment, you need to don the right exercise gear. Comfortable clothing is the first thing that you need to have. Be it shorts or long tights, get whatever you are comfortable wearing. Loose t-shirts are best for performing the workout comfortably. It is good to put on aerobic gloves while using the hand weights, as these provide better grip.

Wearing comfy sneakers, perfectly suitable for this exercise is a must. Aerobic shoes need to have good arch support, padding to avoid pressure, and moisture absorbing material. Go for the one that offers right fit and adjustable straps. Also, it needs to have good grip for safely performing the exercise.

Having the above mentioned equipment will help you have a fun-filled and effective workout. You can also add a large mirror on a wall to watch yourself perform this exercise routine. This will ensure that you have an upright posture and do not keep looking at the stepper. If you are on a tight budget, check out various online shopping websites that offer used equipment of good brands at lower prices. So get these equipment and start performing step aerobic workout at home. Have fun and stay healthy!

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