The Best Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises consist of activities that require moderate power, unlike anaerobic activities that demand intense power and energy. Not only is the former easy and fun, but it also lets you keep in shape at a bearable pace.

Aerobic activities include:

  • Brisk walking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Aerobic dance

If you take into consideration all the activities mentioned above, they all have several things in common: a constant rhythmic movement without a single break, from the beginning till the time you stop. They’re all exercises that do not require to strain yourself, as they are all of a slow-medium intensity that increases your heart rate to a higher, yet comfortable level.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

◆ Aerobic activities are considered to be one of the best forms of exercise for all age groups, as they help strengthen the heart and lungs by increasing the heart rate to a higher yet comfortable level. This helps the lungs utilize oxygen to the optimum level, and the increased heart rate helps make the heart less prone to ailments. The only catch is that it needs to be done regularly.

◆ In addition to the aforementioned, there are many more proven benefits.

● Excess fat reduction leading to a leaner and well-toned body

● Lower levels of blood cholesterol

● Reduction in fatigue and an increase in stamina

● Increased muscle strength

● Constant energetic feel

● A fit body, leading to a fit mind

Is There Any One Best Exercise?

◆ ALL! There is no aerobic exercise that will not benefit you. The best way to benefit from this kind of workout is to keep alternating with different types of activities. Do not stick to just one type of aerobic activity. You can do different exercises for a period of about 15 minutes each. You can even do one type of aerobic activity on one day and something different the next day. This will ensure that all your muscle groups are well exercised.

◆ It is a common misconception that you need to join a good gym for this. If you just take a look at all the exercises that fall under the said category, you will understand why this is not true. Walking, jogging, cycling- why do you need a gym for these? You can very well do these activities in the comfortable confines of your own home. Instead of jogging outdoors, you can spot jog at home, and instead of cycling outdoors, you can do it on an exercycle indoors if you wish. Dancing tutorials are available online. So, who needs a gym?

◆ Though exercising indoors is certainly a possibility, we would recommend you to do the same outdoors as long as the weather permits―fresh air is always a better companion for what you’re going to be doing.

◆ Considering that you are generally fit, you must exercise 4 to 5 days a week. The duration could be anything between 30 minutes to an hour. This should not include the warming-up time and cooling-down time.

◆ Exercise at a constant rhythmic pace, and do not try to force yourself as this could lead to an unwanted injury. Additionally, always listen to your body. Never over-exert yourself to the point of exhaustion. This may be more harmful than beneficial.

◆ Use clothing that is suitable for this type of activity. These will include well-fitting tracks and shoes- being comfortable is more important than anything else.

◆ If you have any existing medical condition, contact your physician before starting any new exercise regime.

Good luck!

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