Thigh Exercises for Women

Our body tends to accumulate fat in the abdomen region and in the thighs very easily. At the same time, when you are trying to lose weight, getting rid of the fat from the thighs is a tough task. Those women who want to have the right proportion of hips and waist should focus on exercises that can tone up the muscles of the thigh area. These exercises should be accompanied by walking, swimming, running, and jogging, and of course a healthy nutritious diet.

Young girls should opt for skipping. Skipping should be done on an even surface, and to prevent any ankle injury, a good pair of trainers is a must. Skipping just a few inches above the ground is enough to get maximum benefits. 50 skips a day will be sufficient at the start. Later on, the number can be increased. Another simple exercise can be done while you are climbing up the stairs. Stand in a sideways position at the lower end of the staircase. Firstly, set the right foot on the first step of the stair, and then put the left foot on the second step in such a way that the legs form a crossed position. Keep climbing the steps in the same way till you reach the topmost step.

Inner and Outer Thighs
Stand straight against a smooth wall, so that the upper portion of the back touches the wall. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart from each other. Make sure that your body weight is evenly distributed on both the legs, and the heels should be in touch with the ground all through the exercise. Start lowering your body by sliding your back against the wall, and take a squat position. Then move up your body to the standing position once again. As you move down, inhale, and exhale while moving up. Initially, repeat it 10 times. Once you are comfortable, you can increase the number of repetitions.

One of the best inner thigh exercises is squeezing an exercise ball with the legs. For this, you have to lie down on a soft surface and raise your legs a few inches above the ground, without bending them at the knees. The next step is to keep the ball in between the thighs and exert some pressure on it, so that it gets squeezed. Hold this position for 20 – 30 seconds, and then release the pressure. You will realize that the ball will start pushing your thighs. Continue this for about 5 – 6 times.

Another simple exercise is touching the toes. Sit on the ground and stretch your legs away from each other as much as you can. Bend your body on the right side, and try to reach out for the toes. Put your hands on the toes, and maintain the position for around 30 seconds. In the same manner, lean the body on the left side, and repeat the exercise.

Rear Thighs
Sit on the ground keeping your legs stretched forward. Bend the right knee in such a way that the right foot is placed over the left leg. Then wind up your arms around the right knee, and slightly pull it to bring it near the left shoulder. Keep this position up to 20 – 30 seconds. Maintain normal breathing while doing the exercise. Similarly, bend the left knee and do the exercise on the other side. There should be 10 repetitions for each side. During pregnancy, women often tend to put on a lot of weight in the thigh region. This is one of the most effective thigh exercises for pregnant women who want to get rid of that unwanted fat. However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before doing any exercise.

These exercises can be done at home without taking the help of any gadgets or equipment. If done correctly, they can start showing results within 4 – 6 weeks. However, to get maximum benefits in a short period of time, do not overdo the exercises, as that can injure your muscles.

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