Thigh Workouts for Women

The thigh muscles of a woman should have always have a definite shape and should be toned. A properly shaped lower body is considered attractive and feminine. Many people don’t believe it but thigh workouts can also be performed inside your own home. Mentioned below are some thigh exercises that are very helpful for toning your legs and you don’t even require any fancy exercise equipment. It is recommended that thigh workouts should be mixed with a lot of cardio vascular exercises like jogging, running, dancing and having a quick exercise session on an exercise bike.

Thigh Workouts for Women At Home

Women are busy people, some are homemakers while some working professionals in both the cases they are hands on 24/7. With taking care of work and home they tend to neglect their health and have irregular eating habits. So if you are a busy woman and want to get some attractive toned up thighs let’s practice some thigh workouts for women.

Wall Squat: Keep your posture straight and place your upper back against the wall. Keep your shoulder feet width apart. Keep your toes pointing slightly outward. Make sure both your feet are balancing your body weight equally. Inhale and keep your feet in contact with the floor at all times and bend in a squatting position while sliding down the wall. Exhale slowly as you return to the starting position. A very beneficial thigh exercise, repeat 2 sets of 10 reps.

Seated Split Stretch: An ideal example for thigh exercises without equipment, sit on an exercise mat and spread your legs as far as you can. Lean to your right side and try to touch your toes. Rest your hands on your ankles and hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side as well perform 6 reps of 3 sets each.

Climbing Stairs and Walking: Climbing stairs and walking are not only excellent thigh workouts but often are considered an overall activity. They are great cardiovascular exercises and this brisk walking exercise is beneficial in the long run to keep your heart healthy.

Seated Butterfly: Sit with an erect back on an exercise mat, bring the soles of your feet together and pull them as close as you can towards your body. Place your hands on your feet and apply gentle pressure to your thighs. Holding this position for 20 seconds provides an excellent inner thigh workout.

Front Thigh Stretch: Lie on an exercise mat on your stomach with your legs together. Turn behind and hold your right ankle with your left hand. Now pull your right heel up as far as you can. Remain in this position for 30 seconds. Perform the same movement on the other side and perform 10 reps of 2 sets each.

Total Thigh Exercise: Lie on your back on an exercise mat, your knees should be in the air and keep your feet flat on the floor. Keep your right heel on your left thigh. Entangle your hands around your left thigh and bring it close toward the chest. Hold this thigh stretch for 30 seconds. Perform 2 sets of 10 reps each.

Chair Squat: Squats are considered as one of the best thigh workouts. To perform a chair squat, stand in front of a chair with your back facing the chair. In a slow motion sit on the chair and come back to the starting position with legs not totally extended.

So these were some of the best examples of thigh workouts for women, other than these thigh exercises you can also opt for swimming and different poses of Yoga for faster and effective results.

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