Tricep Exercises for Women

The triceps are the upper portion of the arms and make up for more area than your biceps. They are made up of three parts, which are medial, lateral and long. These muscles help us to bend the elbow. These regimes mainly aim at strengthening the triceps, however, they work differently as compared to the other muscle strengthening exercises; for example, pushups, which are mainly meant for strengthening a larger group of muscles. Also, another important issue related to performing these exercises is to avoid muscle imbalance. Now, the obvious question – what is muscle imbalance? The answer is, if you are working for the biceps, you must do some exercises for the triceps as well. This is done to avoid muscle injury or muscle pain during the workout routine. Let us take a look at some tricep exercises meant for women.

Dumbbell Triceps Extension
You have to keep your posture straight. You can sit or stand for performing this exercise. Hold the dumbbell in both your hands and bend your arms at the elbows, behind your head. Slowly return to the original position. You must make sure that you perform this exercise slowly, without giving any jerk to your hands. Otherwise, you may suffer from serious muscle injury. This dumbbell triceps extension can be performed with a single hand also. However, for this, you have to decrease the weights as compared to those used for doing this extension with both hands.

Dumbbell Kickbacks
You need to have a flat bench for doing this exercise. Hold the dumbbell in your right hand and position yourself on the left knee. Keep your right arm at an angle of 90 degrees, tucked to your body. Extend your right arm away, keeping your elbow in the same position. While stretching your arms, you can feel the stretch on your triceps muscle. Again, bring the hand back to the original place.

Flat Chest Press
This is performed with the help of dumbbells. Lie on a bench or on the floor and hold the dumbbells upwards, in each hand. Bend your arms at 90 degrees at the elbows. Once there, lock them at this position for a few seconds and then resume your original position.

Triceps Exercises to do at Home

Close Grip Push Ups
These exercises are not actually meant for the triceps, but they are meant for the overall core body muscles. Lie down in a pushup position and place your palms directly under your shoulders. Start with your normal pushups. When you are coming, make sure, you are squeezing your buttocks and stomach.

Hanging Dips for Triceps
Usually, hanging dips are meant for the shoulders, yet, are beneficial for the triceps. They are performed in the same manner as regular dips. Lie down in a position to do dips. Now, position your arms near your chest. Perform the usual dips, but when you lower your arms, you must stop at a position where your arms make a 90 degree at your elbows. Again, come back to the original position.

These were some of the tricep exercises for women. They are not very exhaustive, but very effective in toning the tricep muscles, and help turn the fat around your arms into neat toned muscles.

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