Tricep Exercises with Free Weights

Triceps constitute an important part of your arm muscles. In fact, triceps give a definite shape to the rear region of your arms and also add to their beauty. Large and well-toned biceps have always been a fascination amongst all fitness freaks. However, in recent times triceps have also become an important arm muscle building workout for many people. Now, building and developing triceps is not an easy task and requires a lot of patience as well. In the beginning, you need to perform intense workouts to stimulate the development of this part.

Previously, physical trainers emphasized on exercises, which involved the use of machines and cables. However, these days free weights are considered far more effective than machine weights when it comes to muscle growth. The exercises discussed in the text below are meant for people who have spent a considerable time in the gymnasium and, most importantly, have learned all the techniques of exercising and maintaining balance while lifting free weights.

Free Weight Exercises for Triceps

Developing triceps is not a child’s play, and performing workouts using free weights makes it more challenging. However, the following exercises would make it easy for you to work out.

Tricep Dumbbell Extensions

Dumbbell Exercises for Triceps

• This exercise primarily focuses on the long inner head of the triceps. Take a dumbbell of a suitable weight in either of your hands, and stand with a slight bent in your knees. This bent in the knees would release the pressure from the lower back.

• Now, lift the dumbbell straight above the shoulder, with your palm facing towards the front. Further, bring the dumbbell down in an arc motion behind your head, until your elbow is bent at a 90 degree angle.

• Try to maintain this position for a couple of seconds and then reverse the arc motion by lifting the dumbbell back to the original position. Repeat with the other arm. Perform 3 – 4 sets with 8 – 10 repetitions.

Lying Barbell Extensions

Barbell Lying Triceps Extension

► This exercise works for the large inner head of the triceps. It requires assistance in placing the barbell in the hand and then keeping it down after the exercise ends.

► Lie on your back on a flat bench. Spread your feet to about shoulder width. Now, let the trainer place the barbell in your hand. While holding the barbell, ensure that the distance between both the hands is a little less than your shoulder width.

► Lift the barbell with your arms completely stretched. Then, lower the barbell by moving your forearms in an arc motion, until the barbell it at a height of 1 inch above your forehead.

► Thereafter, push the barbell back to the original position. 2 – 3 sets with 10 – 12 repetitions would suffice.

Tricep Dumbbell Kick Backs

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

• This one is the best of all tricep exercises, as it works on all the three heads of triceps. Find a flat bench, and rest your left knee on the bench and keep your right leg on the floor. Slightly bend your right knee.

• Place your palm on the bench for support and keep your right arm sideways. Hold a light weight dumbbell in your right hand, with your elbow bent at a 90 degree angle.

• Now, move your forearm downwards in an arc motion, until your arm is straight. Remain in this position for about 2 – 3 seconds. This will optimize the peak contraction in the tricep muscles.

• Then, slowly come back to the starting position. Repeat with the other hand. 2 – 3 sets with 10 – 12 repetitions is enough.


Bench Dips Triceps

► Dips are a great form of exercise, which not only works for the triceps, but also for the chest and shoulder muscles. Firstly, you have to sit and position your both hands apart on a bench.

► Support yourself with your palms rested on a bench. Then slowly stretch your legs and lift your body with the support of your hands.

► Now bend your elbows back and slowly lower the body until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Then push back and slowly lift your body and return to the starting position. Do 2 – 3 sets with 15 – 20 repetitions.

Safety Tips for Free Weight Tricep Exercises

Free weights are effective and stimulate fast growth of muscles. However, there are many things to be taken care of before and while performing exercises using them.

  • Before starting any exercise, ensure that you learn the proper technique of doing it. Ask your physical trainer to guide you in this regard. Try the exercise with free weights, concentrate on the movements while exercising, and pay attention on the position of all your body parts before starting any drill.
  • Pick up suitable weights. Do not exceed your limits, as this would result in an imbalance while performing the exercises, further resulting in an injury.
  • Remember to increase the weights gradually. However, while using heavy weights, have your physical trainer around for assistance and support.
  • Remember, slower the movements, more intense is the exercise. Therefore, to achieve best results, perform slow movements and rest between sets.

The above passages have included almost all the exercises, which will help you in your bodybuilding endeavor. However, you can discuss more exercises with your physical trainer and also learn the right techniques of doing them. Follow the aforementioned tips to prevent injuries and for obtaining the desired results within a specific time frame.

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