Water Aerobic Routines

Unlike high intensity exercises that can put a lot of stress on the muscles and joints, water aerobic routines are low impact exercises. This is due to the fact that water acts as a cushion for the weight-bearing joints of the body. This helps reduce stress on the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The incidence of muscle strain or injury is greatly reduced in aquatic workouts. To add to this, water also provides resistance to the movement in all directions, and the resistance is proportional to the force that is exerted against it. The resistance can be further increased by using equipment (floats, buoyancy belt, etc). This helps in toning the muscles. The routines are enjoyable, with foot-tapping music playing in the background. It must be noted that these routines are not swimming-oriented. In fact, most of them don’t even require a person to be able to swim! So, those who don’t know how to swim water can perform these exercises in the shallow end of the pool. Simply put, they are an extension of the same aerobic exercises that one normally does on land.

Common Aqua Aerobic Routines

A typical water aerobic exercise routine consists of the following exercises and activities:

◆ Walking
Walking exercises are very popular, especially among the elderly. Walking in water requires a greater amount of effort as compared to walking on land. This is because water offers more than 10 times the resistance that is offered by air. Consequently, one ends up burning more calories by walking in water.

◆ Jogging
Jogging in water is another popular exercise. It is much safer than jogging on land. This is because the impact that jogging on land has on your body is much harder, and it can sometimes lead to pain in your shins, ankles, knees, or back. However, when you are jogging in water, the water in the swimming pool provides a huge cushioning effect, which in turn negates all possibilities of pain occurring due to hard impact.

◆ Cycling
Cycling exercises performed in water are extremely beneficial for strengthening and toning the leg muscles along with the abdominal muscles. They assist in shedding excess fat from the thighs and the hips. These also help in increasing one’s stamina. Cycling exercises are typically performed in sets of 15 to 20 repetitions.

◆ Boxing
This exercise involves using your arms, shoulders, and your upper body to throw punches at an imaginary punching bag. You should perform this exercise in chest-deep water. Stand with your feet slightly apart and keep your lower body still. Do this exercise in sets of 15 repetitions.

◆ Dance
Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like! Dance aerobics is a great way to lose those pounds and have a bit of fun along the way. As the music plays, clap your hands, twist your legs, and move your body to shed those pounds.

Water aerobic routines are a great way to exercise after a long day’s work. These exercises can be extremely refreshing and rejuvenating. An aquatic workout is one of the best ways to beat the heat on hot and sultry days.

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