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The content in this article explains the Weight Watchers program in detail. The details of the current program are exclusively available to the paid members of Weight Watchers.

The Weight Watchers points plan is an extremely popular weight loss program that works on a combination of three important factors; correct diet, proper exercise, and counseling. According to the Weight Watchers points list, every food item that you consume has a point value attached to it. This point value depends on the nutritional content of the food. These points are calculated with the help of a Weight Watchers points calculator. Along with the points calculated, there are recipes provided by the program which also plays a huge role in ensuring that a person following the program does not falter. There are centers which help users of the program to meet counselors who can help them make major lifestyle changes.

So how does the Weight Watchers points system work and what are the constituent features that are calculated? The calculator collates the points value based on the number of calories that you consume, the fat grams in the food, and the fiber constituent of the food item. The higher the fat content of the item, the more the point value of the food, and more the fiber, less the point value. At most Weight Watchers centers there is a Weight Watchers points chart that is handed out to members which helps them determine how many points worth of food they are consuming and the ideal number of points that they should be consuming. The Weight Watchers point system is an effective way of keeping an eye on your food intake and determining calorie and fat consumption.

Factors Affecting Weight Watchers Points

Since there are so many different factors that affect the Weight Watchers food points and point system, the formula that the calculator uses is quite open to modifications. The various factors that affect the Weight Watchers points system are the weight of a person, height, gender, age, and lifestyle (active or sedentary). Because of these factors men and women who use the calculator get very differing results. While on an average the total Weight Watchers points value of food that should be consumed by a man is 8 and that by a woman is 2, this differs depending on the varying factors mentioned above.

The minimum age of a person who wants to follow the Weight Watchers program should be 17. Furthermore there is an age wise group points distribution. Again depending on their weight a certain point value is adopted and given to groups categorized according to weight. Similarly height is another determining factor with points allotted according to the height of the member. One’s lifestyle is one of the most important determining factors while looking at the reasons that have caused the weight gain. The kind of job one does determines one’s activity level, and therefore, points are distributed accordingly. These factors determine the Weight Watchers point system chart according to which your point value is calculated.

Weight Watchers Points Calculator

The formula that is used by the calculator is patented under the US patent laws but a similar formula is given by several online resources that can be used in order to calculate points value. This formula is given below. With the help of this formula you can calculate the point value for each food item and create a Weight Watchers points list.

p = [c/50] + [f/12] – [min {r,4}/5]

In this formula the value p stands for your points value, c for the number of calories, f for the fat grams that you are consuming, and r for the dietary fiber grams. When the formula says min{r,4}, it means that the value that is smaller of the two, r or 4, will be taken into consideration. So how do you figure out the nutritional content of the food item? Just refer to the nutritional label and you should be able to get all the values that you need in order to use the calculator.

So, does using the Weight Watchers points system chart and the program actually work? According to experts who have studied the program there are both pros & cons of Weight Watchers programs. While there are people who have experienced weight loss by constantly using the calculator, there are also many users who have not got the results that they hoped to achieve. According to studies if you are someone who has a family history of weight related problems, then this program may have many health benefits for you but if you are looking at significant weight loss quickly, then this may not be a great program to use as it is very structured.

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